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Action Team By Date
Joined Team Colonslash: Express [Highlander] Spyro
Left That Awkward Moment [Highlander] .zero
Joined Gielewiel9 [6on6] Synrise
Joined That Awkward Moment [Highlander] Qnai
Left Cult of Ivan [Highlander] .zero
Joined Cult of Ivan [Highlander] Brian
Left Vacuum Cleaner Racing Pilots [Highlander] .zero
Joined Belgium [National Highlander Team] Aoshi
Joined Vacuum Cleaner Racing Pilots [Highlander] foungi
Joined fяomcow2dooяstep [2on2] Menty
Left Veritas eSports [Highlander] .zero
Joined Veritas eSports [Highlander] Popkern
Left Belgium [National Highlander Team] .zero
Left Team Colonslash: Express [Highlander] .zero
Joined Team Colonslash: Express [Highlander] JustJosh
Left Beyblade Bonanza Extravaganza [Highlander] .zero
Joined Beyblade Bonanza Extravaganza [Highlander] DyaWyb
Left fяomcow2dooяstep [2on2] .zero
Left Team Colonslash: Ambition [Highlander] .zero
Left Bananas in Pyjamas [6on6] .zero
Joined Team Colonslash: Ambition [Highlander] Setsul
Left Team Colonslash: Express [Highlander] .zero
Joined Bananas in Pyjamas [6on6] Munkyman
Left International Oral Sex [6on6] .zero
Joined Team Colonslash: Express [Highlander] Useless
Left Biggus Dickus [Highlander] .zero
Joined International Oral Sex [6on6] Deox
Left Balls Deep [6on6] .zero
Joined fяomcow2dooяstep [2on2] .zero
Left DA PIRATES [Fun Team] .zero
Joined DA PIRATES [Fun Team] Spyro
Joined Biggus Dickus [Highlander] this is evil evil
Left 4 [1on1] .zero
Left Team Colonslash: Crash [Highlander] .zero
Joined Balls Deep [6on6] Hot
Left Tenacious [Fun Team] .zero
Joined Tenacious [Fun Team] this is evil evil
Left Team Colonslash: Strike [6on6] .zero
Joined Belgium [National Highlander Team] Crazyman
Joined Team Colonslash: Strike [6on6] Oxy
Joined 4 [1on1] .zero
Joined Team Colonslash: Crash [Highlander] Oxy
Left Soup-A-Stars [Highlander] .zero
Joined Soup-A-Stars [Highlander] Bramelvix
Left Tourettes Frenchclub [Highlander] .zero
Joined Tourettes Frenchclub [Highlander] Scissors
Left Tenacious [Highlander] .zero
Joined Tenacious [Highlander] .zero

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  1. .zero: GIEL - TC.Express said:


  2. Adje: dab said:


  3. Brian: dab said:


  4. Synrise: (ETF2L Donator) - GIEL - S-O said:

    Closet weeb, just insecure.

  5. calle cool: (๑╹ω╹๑ ) - said:

  6. MoistPenguin: (League Admin) - Leila+8 said:

  7. .zero: GIEL - TC.Express said:

    I rather get anally raped by a flock of silverback gorillas than joining a team full of weebs.

  8. Der_Milchmann: Gaston - Twisted said: