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England Dowel

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I'm back on the market bois :)

LFT Open Sniper, Soldier or Open/Mid Spy (lower mid probably).

I have 2300 hours of this game, 1000+ lobbies on tf2 center, have played virtually every class in an open team before so I'm well versed in competitive. I don't really mind what level the team is as long as people are dedicated and freindly and speak english.

I'm available every day from 20:00 cet on wards (given a few days notice) and can probably do earlier given a weeks notice. I won't be avaliable from 7th – 22nd of July or the 1st – 16th of August. Apart from these days I will be around .

I have TS, Mumble, discord etc etc and i'm a god

Pick me up ;0

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Action Team By Date
Left Random Boots Reborn [Highlander] Dowel
Joined Kronos [6on6] Jan
Left Kronos [6on6] Jan
Joined Kronos [6on6] nasko7
Joined Growl [2on2] Dowel
Joined Random Boots Reborn [Highlander] Hourage
Left Descent [Highlander] BlazeTF
Joined Descent [Highlander] BlazeTF
Left [Highlander] Aoshi
Joined [Highlander] iKill_
Left Eewww [Highlander] Dowel
Joined Eewww [Highlander] MUG
Left TEZC | Souder Society [6on6] Dowel
Left Shepherds Steak Pie powered by Chandos™ [Highlander] Dowel
Joined Shepherds Steak Pie powered by Chandos™ [Highlander] Seishi
Left The Perfect Sandvich [Highlander] Lifetime_noob
Joined The Perfect Sandvich [Highlander] Lifetime_noob
Joined TEZC | Souder Society [6on6] Royal Flush
Left Dingus Party [Highlander] Dowel
Joined Dingus Party [Highlander] Dowel
Left Virtual eSports [6on6] Dowel
Left Dopeus Pocus [Highlander] Dowel
Joined Virtual eSports [6on6] Vast
Joined Dopeus Pocus [Highlander] Dowel
Left Under Age [Highlander] Dowel
Joined Under Age [Highlander] Katie

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