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That's right! The overlord of open™ is going to i61.
I Already have a ticket and hotel.

Add me if you're interested

Toxic Brits get priority!

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  1. Max: lit said:

    Hes willing to do a face reveal at lan if you pick him up TODAY, OFFER ENDS SOON!!!!

  2. catbowcar: UP said:

    i feel like he has very much potential because he ACTUALLY won the mge against me and then danklord, hes the prince of prem and the overlord open. hes pulls the hottest chicks and he fucks over the best dudes, hes a real menace to society and a gangsta. pick him up and he will sell you the best crack youve ever seen.

  3. Divine: .exp - KAAS said:

    I think you mean low dear sir

  4. fischa said:

    dankest memes 10/10