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Finland BaaBo

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let's try this way then. Looking for somewhat fun team with intentions to still win.
my focus is more in gamesense than DM, but im still capable of competing with other soldiers dm wise, I prefer roamer over pocket. Haven't played scout that much, but with some scrims, Im sure i'll be good in open

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Joined Finland [National Highlander Team] Qnai
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Joined Kevin eSports 2.0 [Highlander] Akuma
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Joined i'm a mid spy [Highlander] ducky
Left Xenon [Highlander] BaaBo
Left Here for the Beer [LAN Team] BaaBo
Joined shitheads [2on2] catbowcar
Joined choking when i hit it [6on6] catbowcar
Left Karitan Katalat Kanit [6on6] BaaBo
Joined Here for the Beer [LAN Team] Aoshi
Left Iro and 8 [LAN Team] Strno
Joined Iro and 8 [LAN Team] Strno
Joined Xenon [Highlander] Icewind
Left ★ Alle Neune [Highlander] BaaBo
Joined Karitan Katalat Kanit [6on6] Carita
Left Karitan Katalat Kanit [6on6] Jamal
Joined ★ Alle Neune [Highlander] Sennaj_Legend
Joined Karitan Katalat Kanit [6on6] Julletin
Left Pojat Mitalleiden Perässä [6on6] DyaWyb
Left NyashMyash [Highlander] BaaBo
Joined NyashMyash [Highlander] DanyaSmetanin
Left Team Colonslash: Storm [Highlander] BaaBo
Left fetissiSQUAD e-Sports [Fun Team] Dragonce
Joined Pojat Mitalleiden Perässä [6on6] DyaWyb
Left rip finski team [6on6] Wubz
Joined Team Colonslash: Storm [Highlander] Useless
Left Veally, Hinzy? [Highlander] BaaBo
Joined fetissiSQUAD e-Sports [Fun Team] Dragonce
Joined rip finski team [6on6] Dragonce
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Left Robust Rebels [6on6] BaaBo
Joined Robust Rebels [6on6] BaaBo

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  1. catbowcar: big^ said:

    nuts roamer

  2. mak: -PP- - -Xe- said:

    His rockets are as powerful as his hydraulic press guy impression. PICK HIM UP BOIZ.

    You’ll also have the sickest spy offclass.

    Just watch out for cigarette breaks and make sure u dont ready up without him

  3. Vetleaks: Vaccinator - MMS said:

    nice lad propobly a good 6s man but never seen him play it kek

  4. Klin: SQUAD - SCALIE said:

    such a lad but be prepared for the daily cigarette breaks

  5. .strix: big^ said:

    never seen on scout but he’s a solid roamer for top open at least with a bit of gamesense and 2h of dm per day he can easily stomp mid aswell also chill guy, the best spy offclasser i’ve ever seen (sorry cat =()
    so yeah pick him up

    “I’m gonna smoke a cigarette brb” (that was my favourite moment)

  6. Hachu: mooz said:

    Good gamer, slow smoker

  7. yaynos: -PP- said:

    i love him

  8. BaaBo: big^ said:


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