Demoman  Mid/Open Skill, Highlander

Bulgaria shampain

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Looking for a team of nice people to play for fun (and secretly tryhard too)! Please no discord cause my toaster can't run tf2 + discord :(
Can try to maincall if needed too.

Ugc steel/silver and etf2l

Can scrim weekends + monday

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Team History

Action Team By Date
Left Throwyotech 2.0 [Highlander] shampain
Left combined we get 120 dpm [2on2] Brian
Left LobbylordZ [Fun Team] shampain
Joined Throwyotech 2.0 [Highlander] 96drum
Joined LobbylordZ [Fun Team] sasami
Left Deseras [Highlander] shampain
Left Day 6s [Fun Team] shampain
Joined casa de planck [LAN Team] planck
Joined Midnight 6s [6on6] harry
Left Divided Sixes Roster [6on6] shampain
Joined Day 6s [Fun Team] EquaL
Left United friends online [Fun Team] shampain
Joined Divided Sixes Roster [6on6] Taka
Left Erectin' a POOTIS [6on6] HarMala
Joined combined we get 120 dpm [2on2] Brian
Joined Erectin' a POOTIS [6on6] HarMala
Left Via's Nerd Assembly [6on6] shampain
Joined Via's Nerd Assembly [6on6] Raz
Joined Deseras [Highlander] Taka
Left @rustyrockets [6on6] shampain
Joined @rustyrockets [6on6] bink
Left Fluffy Cats Appreciation Society [6on6] Sad Face
Joined Fluffy Cats Appreciation Society [6on6] Sad Face
Left Snakus lovehouse [6on6] shampain
Joined United friends online [Fun Team] shampain
Joined Snakus lovehouse [6on6] Maku
Left Xork: Guys, push [Highlander] shampain
Joined Xork: Guys, push [Highlander] planck
Left Duderinos [6on6] shampain
Joined Duderinos [6on6] voxtec
Left Cardbaord [Highlander] Ivak
Joined Cardbaord [Highlander] Ivak

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  1. Brian: dab said:

    Good demo, top open is fair

  2. Polarium: ʟᴏʟʜʟ - pootis XD said:

    good gamer,deserves nice team

  3. cutwrist said:


  4. Lemmy: Vaccinator - TC.Express said:

    Second most best slav brian knows, +rep

  5. Adje: GIEL - dab said:

    keen and fun to play with, give her a chance :D

  6. planck: GbK - zap said:


  7. EquaL: mi6 said:

    unfortunately a super keen hl player

  8. alba: #TF2Center - inv said:

    good grill gamer, pick her =)

  9. seeds: HEIL [PL] - UP said:
    light leaves shampains eyes and she makes this recpost while softly slapping her computer

  10. shampain: mi6 said:

    Shut up :D