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Sweden Pwanda

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I am looking for either a top top top low team or a lower mid team.
I am really open to improve and work on everything I can.
I can play every day if nothing else comes up. Usually 19-21 cest

I dont really want to maincall. I do have maincall experience tho.
Main > sub
But can sub if needed.
Mid > Low
Add me for trial

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Joined TROYotech [Fun Team] kodeeey
Left LOLHL [Highlander] Pwanda
Joined LOLHL [Highlander] Clam
Left LOLHL [Highlander] Pwanda
Joined LOLHL [Highlander] Pwanda
Joined coroMatic [6on6] Pwanda
Left REEEEEEEEE [6on6] Nikolomara
Joined REEEEEEEEE [6on6] Nikolomara
Left @rustyrockets [6on6] Pwanda
Joined @rustyrockets [6on6] bink

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  1. Snow: cM said:

    Nutty arrows

  2. AirForever: Martijn said:

    He is lit, you wont find better med in low.

  3. Nikolomara: ? - ¿! said:

    something nice <3

  4. _gar: Cracker - 100% said:

    Lots of potential here, Give him a try

  5. Zenech: cM - vier said:

    Biggest Booty EU

  6. Manspider: cM - [MB] said:

    Really good gamesense, best medic I know!

  7. Clam: cM said:

    One of or the best medic in low! Very good arrow aim.

  8. qubes: !7 - Pottis said:

    kid is nuts

  9. Ph3no: TD said:

    Good med

  10. Chamona: cM - [MB] said:


  11. Ignis: (Trial Admin) - (๑╹ω╹๑ ) - said:

    why should a medic not maincall?

  12. tiesje121: nugporn said:

    really good medic very keen on improving himself and everyone in the team pick him up a great gamer

  13. tiesje121: nugporn said:


  14. Pwanda: cM said:

    Ignis I prefer not maincalling since I cant see much. If my combo doesnt call overly much its hard for the med too maincall. Just dont prefer too. But Im maincalling in my current team :(

  15. Pwanda: cM said:


  16. Black: McV - [MB] said:

    A good medic and a nice guy. Good arrows , good gamesense , everything you need to win

  17. jmk: Martijn - FF said:

    alba stream broder must be good

  18. sun-shade: SICK - badrats said:

    Aspiring medic. Get this man a team!

  19. Chamona: cM - [MB] said:

    He’s gud

  20. Pwanda: cM said:


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