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Hungary redlix

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looking for a stable team

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Left Pro Minecraft Players [6on6] redlix
Joined Ginyu -Reborn [Highlander] Max Vultur
Joined Pro Minecraft Players [6on6] Ken Noguchi
Left Ginyu -Reborn [Highlander] redlix
Joined Ginyu -Reborn [Highlander] redlix
Left Pyjama Nerds [Highlander] redlix
Joined Pyjama Nerds [Highlander] Foz
Left Jin☯Jang [Highlander] redlix
Joined Jin☯Jang [Highlander] 1_G4M3R_1

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  1. Cookie_: FROG - said:

    Can aim, cool guy

  2. Pendulum: -Xe- said:

    yea great snipermain +

  3. Vinni: Team - TC.Express said:

    *raises thumbs*

  4. T1k.: zesty said:

    probs mid but not high

  5. Geri: ζ said:

    mid is okey, cool guy

  6. Sc0pe: MANNDEM. said:

    TOP MID. Defo worth a pickup. Also lovely guy overall <3

  7. Hunterro: twink - TC.Express said:

    Has cute ass. I probably would fuck. Would probs cum on back though. Yeah so like that level of respect. Probs sucks dick pretty well as well. I hope so.

  8. ToastyM95: PN7 said:

    i don’t remember anything from last summer when we played hlopen

  9. AustinN: ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ - ζ said:

    Easy Mid, would pick up asap

  10. cutwrist said:

    Sc0pe: MMS said:
    Today, 19:45

    TOP MID. Defo worth a pickup. Also lovely guy overall <3

  11. Pimskii: bu. - ζ said:

    y u no in my team :c

  12. NoName said:

    5/5 would bang

  13. nubbi: said:

    can click on heads

  14. Iver: LG - yns is dum said:

    good guy and a good sniper :) pick

  15. TheMasterOfDisaster: LLL said:

    good guy decent comms worth to pickup

  16. Polarium: ʟᴏʟʜʟ - pootis XD said:

    pretty alright pick for mid

  17. Shadeee: said:

    Good top mid sniper – maybe high

  18. Max Vultur said:

    Very good at point ‘n click, mint condition fast shipping A+++

  19. Ma[d] said:

    Best sniper. And a good friend too :^)!

  20. TheMasterOfDisaster: LLL said:

    solo guitar hero :)

  21. Vetleaks: Vaccinator - ζ said:

    good aim and nice guy, should do good :)

  22. alba: #TF2Center - inv said:

    Can handle mid pretty well imo, surely worth a trial

  23. AlesKee: frogs - dab said:

    +rep enjoys russian rap music

  24. slowtown: pA - BBN said:

    1 game in open = high/mid exp?