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Belarus Exz

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Team History

Action Team By Date
Joined Dream Team [Highlander] Pyropan
Left kiti s bakenbardami [Highlander] Pahan
Left Caravan Palace [Fun Team] Exz
Joined Per aspera ad astra [6on6] Ihor
Joined kiti s bakenbardami [Highlander] Pahan
Left Dream Team [Highlander] Exz
Joined Dream Team [Highlander] Pyropan
Left UAPlayer [Highlander] Exz
Left Crab Killaz [6on6] Tractor
Joined Crab Killaz [6on6] simba
Left AVG eSports [6on6] Exz
Joined AVG eSports [6on6] hypnoganja
Left Chromius [6on6] Exz
Joined Chromius [6on6] Fellini
Left Renegade Squad [6on6] Exz
Joined UAPlayer [Highlander] Ihor
Joined Renegade Squad [6on6] JnN
Left Fantastic Six [6on6] Exz
Joined Fantastic Six [6on6] m1xwell
Joined Caravan Palace [Fun Team] YYYebok
Left котята (ノ◕◡◕)ノ*:・゚✧ [6on6] Exz
Left Sober Bear [Highlander] Exz
Joined Belarus [National Highlander Team] Tamerlan
Joined котята (ノ◕◡◕)ノ*:・゚✧ [6on6] TOSS
Left Niggaz Wit Attitudes [6on6] Exz
Joined Exzo [1on1] Exz
Left GUFAKA [2on2] pteetsa
Joined GUFAKA [2on2] pteetsa
Joined Sober Bear [Highlander] Emperor_Protect
Left Latent Energy [Highlander] Exz
Joined Latent Energy [Highlander] Arty
Left Sober Bear [Highlander] Exz
Joined Sober Bear [Highlander] Emperor_Protect
Left Black Tulips [Highlander] Exz
Joined Niggaz Wit Attitudes [6on6] pteetsa
Left z [6on6] Exz
Joined Black Tulips [Highlander] AMPY
Joined z [6on6] AMPY

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View Mid 9 471
View Mid/High 3 433
View Mid/High 4 637
View Mid 4 478
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  1. narkkari: bisenen - VR said:


  2. slowtown: bisenen - DT said:


  3. eXz: pA - DT said:


  4. eXz: pA - DT said:


  5. Exz: pA - DT said:


  6. u: haha yes - NRLY said:


  7. Exz: pA - DT said:


  8. Exz: pA - DT said:


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