Scout  High Skill, 6on6

Italy croix

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Can play now, both roles, from 20:30 to 23:00 cet almost every day

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Team History

Action Team By Date
Left Italy [National 6v6 Team] mèx
Joined Italy [National 6v6 Team] pierzzz-
Left Italy [National 6v6 Team] pierzzz-
Joined Italy [National 6v6 Team] pierzzz-
Left Italy [National 6v6 Team] pierzzz-
Joined Italy [National 6v6 Team] pierzzz-
Left Amazon Delivery [Highlander] croix
Joined Amazon Delivery [Highlander] .strix
Left Ugandan Pizza Police [Highlander] redwood
Joined Ugandan Pizza Police [Highlander] redwood
Left the shpee's are we [Highlander] croix
Joined the shpee's are we [Highlander] AwditaS
Left Ricefields' Dudes [Highlander] croix
Joined Insidia Legends [Fun Team] flu
Joined iwate [6on6] croix
Left seb esports gaming association [6on6] croix
Joined seb esports gaming association [6on6] shadyr
Left Insidia [6on6] croix
Joined Insidia [6on6] Ace
Left mad decent [6on6] croix
Joined ワイヤード [2on2] croix
Joined delacroix [1on1] croix
Left Stay frosty UGC [Fun Team] croix
Joined mad decent [6on6] earl
Left Insidia [6on6] croix
Joined Stay frosty UGC [Fun Team] croix
Left San Genny Esport [Fun Team] croix
Joined Insidia [6on6] Ace
Left Mighty Spank Force [6on6] croix
Joined Mighty Spank Force [6on6] Cauthon
Left Insidia [6on6] croix
Joined Insidia [6on6] Raine Disdain
Left guantofogliolibroscatolacappottopupazzo [6on6] croix
Joined guantofogliolibroscatolacappottopupazzo [6on6] Ace
Joined San Genny Esport [Fun Team] Ace
Left Div 6 off now [Fun Team] croix
Left Peddlers Squad [6on6] Evil
Joined Peddlers Squad [6on6] Evil
Left Cute Nekos [6on6] croix
Joined Cute Nekos [6on6] .Bnk
Left nervousENERGY Density [6on6] croix
Joined Div 6 off now [Fun Team] croix
Joined nervousENERGY Density [6on6] Mop
Left Peddlers Squad [6on6] croix
Joined Peddlers Squad [6on6] Evil
Joined Ricefields' Dudes [Highlander] Ace
Left Ricefields' Dudes [Highlander] Ace
Joined Ricefields' Dudes [Highlander] Ace
Left Sigma eSports [Highlander] croix
Left fiketta.fenix [6on6] croix
Joined fiketta.fenix [6on6] Albera
Joined Sigma eSports [Highlander] Vitto
Left Floω [Highlander] croix
Joined Floω [Highlander] iamzhevor
Left [Pαstα] [6on6] iamzhevor
Joined [Pαstα] [6on6] iamzhevor
Left #Smoke Weed [6on6] croix
Joined #Smoke Weed [6on6] zN
Left Black Silence [6on6] Ssirdy
Joined Black Silence [6on6] Ssirdy

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View High 13 324
View High/Mid 3 192
View Mid/Open 17 574
View High 18 660
View Mid/High 13 482
View Mid 12 579
View Div 4 3 318
View Div 4 10 1532
View Div 4 3 268


  1. lanzer: mkcat said:

    cutest weeb, will exchange more selfies anytime :3

  2. flu: NOOT - cirlo said:

    god among men

  3. dima: B5 - SDCK said:

    >so you don’t care about winning high, you just want to make a rus high tier team?

  4. croix: _____iwate said:

    stealing memes smh

  5. Koling: #PM said:

    big dm tbh

  6. .strix: noname - NRLY said:

    God of dm

  7. Chemical: B5 said:

    good player
    p.s. dont remove russians from friendlist pls

  8. junnu: 222 said:

    good man

  9. Logan: ERCAPITANO said:

    damn good dm
    sometimes funny
    best cp

  10. AwditaS: mad decent - PAKI said:

    carbo > allah

  11. Le Barmalei: kamaboys said:

    Good aiming, one of the strongest scouts as i remember

  12. fernando: ERCAPITANO - YMCA said:


  13. m1xwell said:

    me: carbo, go make some team.
    carbo: no sorry, i’ll go play mge;)0))

  14. Freakie: #ΣDM - itsallgood said:


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