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Sweden lajm

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unsure about season 27 with my team, lf trials mid or playoff open team

pocket or roam dont care


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Left koungaa [1on1] Jan
Joined Orten [6on6] lajm
Left Gotta go fast! [6on6] lajm
Joined REAL NIGGA HOURS *Bottom Text* [Highlander] Klin
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Joined The Latin Kings [Highlander] Bloodis
Left The Latin Kings [Highlander] lajm
Left big noobas [Fun Team] lajm
Joined Pope Boys powered by Vatican City [6on6] Steve
Joined big noobas [Fun Team] lajm
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Joined bom bam bop [6on6] lajm
Left The Strange Masters [Highlander] BOOM!
Left kattmat [1on1] lajm
Joined The Strange Masters [Highlander] BOOM!
Joined kattmat [1on1] lajm
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