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Hello, looking for a ugc plat team, the vaccinator is basically a dead ringer for medic.

Could also play for a silver or steel team, mentoring included

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  1. Polarium: Vaccinator - kevin said:

    In the age of tf2 pubs the lobby community was unformed, shrouded by f2p’s and iron noobs. A land of f2p sentry nests, everlasting w+m1 pyro’s and edgy trickstab spies. Then there was tf2center and with tf2center came Stackers and non-stackers, Tryhards and potatoes and of course… Ban and Unban topics.

    From the pubs they came and found the souls of lobblylords within tf2center. Strike, the first of the soldier scrubs; The autistic ego joke medigun user, Nightmare. Polarium and his moist but sought voice and memes. And the furtive Lemon, so easily forgotton.

    With the strength of Lobbylords, they challenged the Polish open team. Nightmare’s mighty vaccinator bubbles denied their players completely, Polarium’s pills and stickies would peel apart their combo. Strike weaved great rocket barrages from the sky. And Lemon unleashed a miasma of memes and autism. Sasami joined them for some fresh memes. Thus began the age of Lobbylords.

    But soon the stacked lobbies will fade and only balanced lobbies will remain. Even now, there are lobbies using that shitty balance feature. Amongst the stackers are seen carriers of the accursed alt accounts.

  2. Adje: Vaccinator - Lucrosa said:

  3. Yuval: CRAZYBWAII said:

    One of the best spies out there :D
    10/10 :^)

  4. Brian: MANNDEM. - 222 said:

    God tier spy and memer

    Play 6’s with me again someday ;(

  5. Sc0pe: Sandbitch! said:


  6. sasami: ERCAPITANO - VR said:

    kinda gay tbh

  7. Zamparonie: officer - XD said:

    bad caster

  8. alba: MANNDEM. - SDMC! said:


  9. narkkari: DT said:

    asks for demos of open players in preseason cups while sandbagging in mid

  10. Nightmare: Vaccinator - SDMC! said:

    @narkkari, you mean mid/high players using open alts

  11. Cryyy: MANNDEM. - VaC said:

    dikke bmw

  12. sasami: ERCAPITANO - VR said:

    what nightmare said :D

  13. sasami: ERCAPITANO - VR said:

    @nightmare , i guess

  14. narkkari: DT said:

    ye, you found an acc of a player that has never played a single etf2l or ugc official game 6v6/9v9 alike, what skill level defines me the best then?

  15. Nightmare: Vaccinator - SDMC! said:

    @narkkari, this is a recruitmentpost not a place to argue, I solely requested demos because I was curious how you killed me at a specific time, that’s all. And for your soldier, he’s an obvious alt, someone with 300 hours and no etf2l/ugc matches played that gets a high score against a mid/high team is just too obvious

  16. Nightmare: Vaccinator - SDMC! said:


  17. Adje: Vaccinator - Lucrosa said:

    has good taste in anime

  18. Spelly: LvG - SDCK said:

    Very good spy and most definitely a skilled medic. Quite sure he’ll do fine as a mentor aswell since he’s a kind person.

    zeman is better though

  19. Nightmare: Vaccinator - SDMC! said:

  20. Nightmare: Vaccinator - SDMC! said:

    Also ignore the discussion between me and narkkari, we’re bestest freunds now

  21. Jaros: EUG - YMCA said:

    Good luck, young padawan. You have learned and done well, may the light of the beam of the chosen gun lead your path to victory.