Spy  High/Mid Skill, Highlander

France Psycho

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UGC HL S20 Steel 1st Place
UGC HL S21 Silver 3rd Place
Highlander Open #2 Tournament 1st Place
2 Seasons of Mid
2000+ hours of Spy

Looking for a low Plat team for S22.
Might be interested in top Silver depending on who's on the team.

Main spot only, not interested in a sub spot at all

Very motivated to get better and eager to learn more.

HMU with trials.

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Team History

Action Team By Date
Left Presents Including Erections [Fun Team] Psycho
Left Aeterna [6on6] Psycho
Joined Selective Attention [Highlander] Fox C.
Left Fruit Salad [Highlander] Psycho
Joined Fruit Salad [Highlander] otoking
Left NORLY's Rockets Love You [Highlander] Psycho
Joined Aeterna [6on6] Divider of Worlds
Joined NORLY's Rockets Love You [Highlander] TEK IT EZ
Left King Kunta [Highlander] Psycho
Joined King Kunta [Highlander] yaynos
Left B E E N E S T [Highlander] Psycho
Joined B E E N E S T [Highlander] yaynos
Left Frosted Flakes NIGGA DAMN! [Highlander] Psycho
Joined Presents Including Erections [Fun Team] bonobo
Left Presents Including Erections [Fun Team] Psycho
Joined Frosted Flakes NIGGA DAMN! [Highlander] Boku
Joined Presents Including Erections [Fun Team] bonobo
Left refugeeeeeesports [Fun Team] Psycho
Joined refugeeeeeesports [Fun Team] NYK
Left ♤Ace Of Spades♤ [Highlander] Psycho
Joined ♤Ace Of Spades♤ [Highlander] Cell

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  1. Adje: Vaccinator - CRAZYBWAII said:

    keen gamer, pretty good

  2. Gorzum: zest - Lucrosa said:

    french so he’s a good spy by definition

  3. Brian said:

    good spy, probably one of the best for focusing snipers <3

  4. Derakusa said:

    Teamplaya. Always when I pointed the enemy carries out in BN!, he focused on them and with good results that allowed us to win many games. This spy deserves a good team

  5. Piro: pizza said:

    -is french
    -watches anime

    good espionage man 10/10

  6. Psycho: S-A said:

    ^ Bump ^

  7. Psycho: S-A said:

    Bump #2

  8. Psycho: S-A said:

    Guess I’ll bump again

  9. Piro: pizza said:

    used to be admin on a panda community server 10/10

  10. Divine: NRLY said:

    Phat gamer, would defo stab some peeps in plat, great pickup!

  11. yaynos: the boys said:

    deserves high

  12. yaynos: the boys said:

    also dont listen to derakusa he fucks his car

  13. .strix: HH said:

    really strong spy can high without troubles

  14. Piro: pizza said:

    big gamer

  15. Psycho: S-A said:

    I won’t stop bumping this thing

  16. TEK IT EZ: greek meat - FBRD said:

    I am the best spy in the world but psycho is 2nd best <3. Pick him up :)

  17. Boku: Autistic - Friends said:


  18. Teroantero: .ginyuR said:


  19. Canlock: DADC4N said:

    Bump from me

  20. Piro: pizza said:

    ░░░░You’r a good man!░░░
    ░░░Because you is very░░░
    ░░█▀▀ ░█▀█ ░█ ░█▀▀ ░░
    ░░█▀▀ ░█▀▀ ░█ ░█ ░░░░
    ░░▀▀▀ ░▀ ░░░▀ ░▀▀▀ ░░
    ░░░░░░ Gamer ░░░░░░░░

  21. YeeHaw: imG' - POCKET said:

    plays hightower dm so you KNOW hes good

  22. .strix: HH said:

    makes me rage with 1km headshots

    really good dm always find a way to get behind, spycheck is not an option with him against