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I'm currently lft, I know scout is the class selected but I'm happy to play scout, roamer, pocket or med (If I'm playing med I'd prefer it to be mid but I'm open to negotiation on that) at mid/low level teams. I'm a fairly dedicated player and primarily playing for my own enjoyment but my own enjoyment also consists of winning so I always strive for that.

I've participated as a mid sub med only playing one official but I played in numerous scrims through the season but was only required to play once. You'll be able to see all of this from my match history and team history however.

If you're interested just shoot me a message!

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  1. seeds: mkcat - -chess- said:

    if he came in my ass i would never wash it

  2. meh: Tt said:

    is a good fragger, but never chokes in officials :thinking:

  3. Techspekje: Team - NYS said:

    Is an engi main? :thinking:

  4. Techspekje: Team - NYS said:

    In all seriousness: Top lad. Won’t disappoint.

  5. Hampe: Rskld - LLL said:

    Really decent player, strong mentality. Doesn’t really tilt ingame. Very friendly and for sure deserves a top open team!

  6. seeds: mkcat - -chess- said:

    like i said before lads if he came in my ass i would never wash it, i need everyone to see this, this is my mona lisa, my piece du restaurant

  7. seeds: mkcat - -chess- said:

  8. seeds: mkcat - -chess- said:

    gib him team ;~3

  9. Pseudo: DSR6 - ENG said:


  10. caeli: ʙᴀɴᴀɴʏᴀ. - #T4F said:

    fake spaniard smh

  11. seeds: mkcat - -chess- said:

    fake caeli, real one is called DEMOMUM

  12. Pseudo: DSR6 - ENG said:


  13. seeds: mkcat - -chess- said:

    race faker (says he’s spanish but is secretly an aids brit like myself)

  14. seeds: mkcat - -chess- said:

    11:38 – dragon lord 666: I’m making a fake vagina today
    11:46 – seeds: like a fleshlight?
    11:47 – dragon lord 666: Basically
    dragon lord is quantum

  15. Pseudo: DSR6 - ENG said:

    bump the second

  16. Crad: Rskld - EDO said:

    Not Spanish at all