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Italy mèx

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My team died, so I'm looking for a (keen) team that is aiming to reach High playoff next season.

– Play both roamer and pocket.
– Play everyday from 20 onwards.
– Go to i61.
– Take care of the team if necessary (scheduling pcws and managing players).

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Team History

Action Team By Date
Joined Hard Gaming [6on6] Menty
Joined Italian DM Heroes [Highlander] Adrenaline
Left Italian DM Heroes [Highlander] mèx
Left Hard Gaming [6on6] mèx
Joined Italian DM Heroes [Highlander] Menty
Left Fat Cats [LAN Team] mèx
Joined Hard Gaming [6on6] carnifex
Left IWISHIWASABALLER [Highlander] Kalabam
Joined IWISHIWASABALLER [Highlander] fonexi.a
Left -nobroder [6on6] mèx
Joined -nobroder [6on6] nyx ♠
Left Hard Gaming [6on6] mèx
Joined Hard Gaming [6on6] Adrenaline
Left Hard Gaming [6on6] mèx
Joined Hard Gaming [6on6] carnifex
Joined Fat Cats [LAN Team] Konna
Left Italian DM Heroes [Highlander] Dingo
Left Utopia [6on6] mèx
Joined Utopia [6on6] Dingo
Left Hard Gaming [6on6] mèx
Joined Italy [National 6v6 Team] carnifex
Joined Italy [National Highlander Team] carnifex
Joined Italian DM Heroes [Highlander] Dingo
Left Scemi Pagliacci [Highlander] mèx
Joined Hard Gaming [6on6] Adrenaline
Left vecchigiocatoriannoiatiedimpegnatisoprat [6on6] mèx
Joined vecchigiocatoriannoiatiedimpegnatisoprat [6on6] mèx
Left noname [6on6] zato1
Joined noname [6on6] mèx
Left EverAfter [6on6] mèx
Joined EverAfter [6on6] mèx
Left Smart Move [6on6] mèx
Joined Scemi Pagliacci [Highlander] mèx
Joined Smart Move [6on6] AldariS
Left eQuiD Multigaming [6on6] mèx
Joined eQuiD Multigaming [6on6] mèx
Left eQuiD Multigaming [6on6] ambra
Joined eQuiD Multigaming [6on6] mèx

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  1. yak: zZZ - c u nt said:


  2. flu: NOOT - cirlo said:

    fat rockets

  3. Ace: ERCAPITANO - NRLY said:

  4. JoeN: (=゚・゚=) - XD said:

    Very Good :>

  5. BeS: HG - cirlo said:

    he totally deserve a top high team, he needs something like a team of 5 daffos

  6. sasami: ERCAPITANO - VR said:

    :o god

  7. BeS: HG - cirlo said:

    free bump

  8. cribby: #Passion - HL said:

    really sick soldier, top high for sure!

  9. rabid: wdc. - pizza said:

    add him only if ure a good team looking to win, dont waste his time otherwise

  10. Adrenaline: HG - cirlo said: simply the best

  11. retz said:

    take him please, otherwise he’s gonna fly off to better games like overwatch

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