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Hello, name's Shimmerfur. Word off the TF block says that competitive could use some players. I've been playing the game in pubs for a little while with about 1300 hours under my belt, and I'm starting to crave some actual TEAM Fortress 2. So, in short, competitive seems like the crack pill for me to get back into the game.

Oh, and also I can play any of the classes, I don't specialize. Well, I DO play a lot of Support and Soldier more than anyone else. But point is, my class choices are not restricted.

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  1. JollyCholly said:

    Hey I’m ✨jȏʟʟʏċһȏʟʟʏ✨ and I’ve been playing TF2 for since August 24,2016 and I have 598 hrs on it. I am a Pyro Main and a Semi Demo/Soldier Main but I would prefer to play as pyro. I have a Fresh Meat ranking on competitive.
    Here is my steam ID:

    I am hoping I can join your team. Thank You!

  2. Pootis Bird said:

    I’m sending an invite.

  3. Skullboy: LeL said:

    Hey my online name is Skullboy, I bought the game back in 2010 played for about 600 ish hours got quite good. Now in 2017 I have picked it back up again putting another good 300 ish hours in. I like to main soldier and medic (med especially when playing seriously) and occasionally scout as well.

    I am really interested to see if i have what it takes to play competitive and would love to join your team.

    Steam id:

    Hope I can join your team soon :)

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