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My name is Sky, I've been playing Team Fortress 2 for about 3-4 years. I currently have 800+ hours in game. I'm looking to try competitive TF2 to see if it will be any better than the game as it is to the public. I hope to find a team that can put what skill I have to the test.

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Joined No Sleep Till Plat [6on6] Samercam
Left Pootis Leh Dispenser [6on6] Dat Boi
Joined Pootis Leh Dispenser [6on6] Dat Boi

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  1. Sebi said:

    Hello! I am sebi I have been playing tf2 for over 200 hours and would like to get into the competitive scene. I am a decent pyro, heavy, engi and soldier. Im really flexible with all classes.
    My Steam id is this:
    please consider my offer well.

  2. Adrian_Gamez said:

    Hi! I’m Adrian or Adrian_Gamez, I been playing tf2 for at least 700 hours and would like to get into competive scene. I am very good with demoman,soldier, and spy. And I would like to join you guys

  3. Adrian_Gamez said:

    And also scout too :3

  4. JollyCholly said:

    Hey I’m ✨jȏʟʟʏċһȏʟʟʏ✨ and I’ve been playing TF2 for since August 24,2016 and I have 598 hrs on it. I am a Pyro Main and a Semi Demo/Soldier Main but I would prefer to play as pyro. I have a Fresh Meat ranking on competitive.
    Here is my steam ID:

    I am hoping I can join your team. Thank You!

  5. Dat Boi said:

    Hey i am a medic/scout and i need team mates, if you would like to join my team then just add me here
    Thanks and have fun!

  6. Agent Snow said:

    Hi I want to join your team

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