DemomanScoutSoldier  Mid Skill, 6on6

France cL42

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made open playoffs twice as scout, pocket, and played 2 seasons as demo. Came 3rd last season and looking for a debut or already formed mid team for S27

I'm pretty vocal, can maincall, flexible time schedule

add me for trials

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Action Team By Date
Joined King Trump 2.0 [6on6] smiguel
Left Flowllout [6on6] Hellblazer
Joined chinese children [Fun Team] osvaldo
Joined Flowllout [6on6] Hellblazer
Left King Trump 2.0 [6on6] cL42
Joined King Trump 2.0 [6on6] smiguel
Left Brocket ez-sports [6on6] cL42
Joined Brocket ez-sports [6on6] DAHoppin
Left iBEEFPOWER [6on6] cL42
Joined iBEEFPOWER [6on6] Georgebaii
Left Ratatouille [6on6] 30.06
Joined Ratatouille [6on6] 30.06
Left Carpal Tunnel Syndrome [6on6] Georgebaii
Joined Carpal Tunnel Syndrome [6on6] Georgebaii
Left 5 Christians + Jew [6on6] cL42
Joined 5 Christians + Jew [6on6] Foski
Left Ratatouille [6on6] cL42
Joined Ratatouille [6on6] 30.06
Left Inversion [6on6] Georgebaii
Joined Inversion [6on6] Georgebaii
Left PreGame Tryhards [6on6] cL42
Joined PreGame Tryhards [6on6] Foski
Left Eccentric [6on6] cL42
Joined Eccentric [6on6] cL42
Left Hands of God [6on6] cL42
Joined Hands of God [6on6] Not Steven
Left Buying skill for $10 [6on6] cL42
Joined 5teamPunk [1on1] cL42
Joined Buying skill for $10 [6on6] Lukee
Left METALEAK [6on6] MaDa
Joined METALEAK [6on6] MaDa
Left Buying skill for $10 [6on6] cL42
Joined Buying skill for $10 [6on6] Lukee
Left YeeSports [6on6] cL42
Joined YeeSports [6on6] BlaSt
Left Gaben's Special Delivery [6on6] cL42
Joined Gaben's Special Delivery [6on6] oddit

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  1. TurbAndy: KT said:

    Great Player and Person!
    When our maincaller, the pocket, had to drop out he jumped in for that role and managed to successfully switch classes mid-season.
    Very dedicated, has a lot of time and is a good friend on top of being skilled.
    Definitely ready for his Mid-debut after we came in 3rd in open.

  2. Mecha_Cop said:

    Really good all around player. Good at every class. He’s also smart and a good caller. Has been in Open for far too long. Someone pick him up on a Mid Team please.

  3. cL42: KT said:


  4. osvaldo: KT said:

    Very skilled soldier/demo/scout on top of being an awesome teammate and a good maincaller.
    Has alot (like a fucking ton) of experience in open and his definetly ready for mid. Also very keen on improving and dedicated to the team.

  5. smiguel: KT said:

    good player tbh pick him up u fags

    also theres osvldo again writing alot together fucking illiterate

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