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England gemm

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high roam > high pocket > mid demo

i let my rec post expire XD

would be nice to have a team that sticks around for more than one season and actually has organised comms. shit in pugs, but generally do pretty good in high. can maincall but im not the best

lanable but might be doing production instead of playing

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Left oreos [6on6] gemm
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Joined Dm Retards [6on6] Copper
Left Feila eSports finanzieren durch DROPS [Highlander] Leila
Left Good Meat [6on6] gemm
Joined Feila eSports finanzieren durch DROPS [Highlander] Leila
Joined Good Meat [6on6] Leila
Left my dad > your dad [6on6] gemm
Left Brigshaw's English Club [Highlander] gemm
Joined Brigshaw's English Club [Highlander] TheMeerCat
Joined my lan > your lan [LAN Team] gemm
Left Sleeping Koalas [Highlander] gemm
Joined Sleeping Koalas [Highlander] Julianator
Joined my dad > your dad [6on6] gemm
Left A Tribe Called Kek [6on6] gemm
Joined A Tribe Called Kek [6on6] Jammy
Left The TurboTabs Fan Club [6on6] gemm
Joined The TurboTabs Fan Club [6on6] TheMeerCat
Left Always Be Flexin' -ABF [6on6] kYle
Joined Always Be Flexin' -ABF [6on6] kYle
Left Totally Tropical [Highlander] gemm
Left avi8tors [6on6] gemm
Joined Totally Tropical [Highlander] Nadav
Joined avi8tors [6on6] B4ro
Left b8s b4 m8s [6on6] gemm
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  1. Raptor: aF - S-O said:

    dont pick him up, if you pick him up he can do less production x)

  2. Yohn: MB said:

    gemmXD i like him a lot

  3. Kraken: kk// - 00x said:

    one of those people who are just nice to be around, a good team player too

  4. Stinson_Out: (Head Admin) - [HA] - az said:

    drops frames like a mofo

    lanable my ass you are mine

  5. ult1mate: said:

    Very good roamer/keen

  6. Eemes: mkcat said:

    LAN proven legend- don’t pay attention to the pug feed- he is actually solid for high- better at camera tho ;)

  7. gemm said:

    damn i must be a really good cameraman then thanks eemes!!!!!!!!

  8. gemm said:

    still looking for trials if anyone wants (my current team is for fresh meat)

  9. ult1mate: said:

    very much a good gamer