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Norway Traitor

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Looking to play next season.
Done with my big projects for this year, have time to tryhard with a keen team that wants to scrim.
can play nearly every day.

top mid or high

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Team History

Action Team By Date
Left Day 6s [Fun Team] Lazybear
Left Midnight 6s [6on6] Lazybear
Left Norway [National 6v6 Team] Lazybear
Left Norway [National Highlander Team] Lazybear
Joined Midnight 6s [6on6] BreD
Left Norweebians [6on6] Tickle
Joined Norweebians [6on6] Tickle
Left seb esports gaming association [6on6] Traitor
Joined Norway [National Highlander Team] Yxxo
Joined seb esports gaming association [6on6] shadyr
Left CRAZYGRILLS 6SClan [6on6] Traitor
Joined CRAZYGRILLS 6SClan [6on6] Yxxo
Left Keyboard Warriors [6on6] Traitor
Joined Keyboard Warriors [6on6] Kraken
Left Midnight 6s [6on6] Traitor
Left Medpicking Medic [Highlander] Traitor
Joined Day 6s [Fun Team] Traitor
Left day 6s [Fun Team] Traitor
Joined day 6s [Fun Team] Traitor
Left [app] id [Fun Team] Traitor
Joined Medpicking Medic [Highlander] TeemoTheScientist
Left SENSATION [Highlander] Traitor
Joined Norway [National 6v6 Team] fishyard
Joined Midnight 6s [6on6] EquaL
Left Mayonnaise Dealers [6on6] Traitor
Joined SENSATION [Highlander] Firefly
Left Hearts eSport [Highlander] Ben
Joined Mayonnaise Dealers [6on6] Maclin
Left 0, 0, 0 [6on6] Traitor
Joined 0, 0, 0 [6on6] Ben
Left Mayonnaise Dealers [6on6] Traitor
Joined Mayonnaise Dealers [6on6] Maclin
Left Midnight 6s [6on6] Traitor
Joined Midnight 6s [6on6] EquaL
Left KaoS eSports [6on6] Traitor
Joined [app] id [Fun Team] stepanex
Joined KaoS eSports [6on6] streep36
Left 0, 0, 0 [6on6] Traitor
Joined 0, 0, 0 [6on6] Ben
Left Can't Stump the Trump [6on6] Traitor
Joined Hearts eSport [Highlander] Bow
Left Pirate Squad [Highlander] Traitor
Joined Pirate Squad [Highlander] Zoop
Left Pirate Squad [Highlander] Traitor
Joined Pirate Squad [Highlander] PS
Left Frog Village Highlander [Highlander] Traitor
Joined Frog Village Highlander [Highlander] Lin
Left Team Pogo [Highlander] Traitor
Joined Team Pogo [Highlander] Ben
Left Pirate Squad [Highlander] Traitor
Joined Can't Stump the Trump [6on6] streep36
Joined Pirate Squad [Highlander] Zoop
Left TheSecretIngredients [6on6] Traitor
Left Pirate Squad [Highlander] Traitor
Joined TheSecretIngredients [6on6] Volcan7
Joined Pirate Squad [Highlander] Franz Müller
Left High(t) Dudes [6on6] HightDetal
Joined High(t) Dudes [6on6] HightDetal

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  1. Kraken: kk// - 00x said:

    lovely guy, insane with krits, great scout. mid playoffs guaranteed if he went mid

  2. 31: SWELL - pizza said:


  3. fishyard: mi6 - SENS said:

    good mindset for the game, sick sniper!

  4. 31: SWELL - pizza said:

    he is is actualy one of the best scouts ive played with and again

  5. Elyassu: dick - VR said:


  6. BreD: mi6 - 6>9 said:

    Great player, will easily make playoffs mid, and will do well in high. Pick him up!

  7. Kosuke: MB - pizza said:


  8. shoras said:

    skilled gamer

  9. EquaL: mi6 said:

    solid scout, good decision making and has very good dm, really strong sniper too

  10. Tickle: MoN - said:

    sick gamer. insane sniper

  11. Sn0w: mkcat - VR said:

    prem at chasing

  12. Dave_the_Irate: W0LF - SENS said:

    Great fragger and great guy!

  13. Bv: SWELL - SENS said:

    Good player who’s open to criticism and generally just a chill guy

  14. Georgebaii: KaoS - HZ said:


  15. Hempus: eskimo said:


  16. ult1mate: said:

    very good scout

  17. Yxxo: MoN - CRAZYBWAII said:

    fat scootman and also a big sniper

  18. Celreo: 00x said:


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