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Greetings! I recent found out about the Fresh Meat tournament and I have been thinking of joining in a team since I never really played competitive TF2. More or less I'm semi skilled with the game itself. If you require any more details from me let me know! I can provide further details about me if you decide to choose me for your team.
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Joined Ice Cream Technology [6on6] Furahvo
Joined Dysfunctional Artificial Intelligence [Highlander] snazz

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  1. Furahvo said:

    You can join my team if you like. Im in need of a soldier at the moment

  2. RussianGFish said:

    I would love to join, this is my first team. I love soldier and can be pretty flexible with other classes.

  3. Gibus said:

    How do you join a team? I would like to join yours.

  4. gplay1 said:

    I would love to join. i love playing engi but im also good with other classes exept scout, but im still ok with it

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