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Hi there! I'm kinda excited for this event! Let's see what it'll brings. Selected classes are playable for me. I can't do sticky jumps. I can't really Bhop if that matters. I talk way too much. It's dangerous. If I manage to control that impulse, I think I'm aight.
I have a 25 bucks Turtle Beach headset and a laptop with 2.7 GHz
Maybe I should turn mat_phong off for that extra reliability on the FPS

Medic is really a LAST option for me, that's why I didn't select it.
I can't consistently hit crossbow shots and I'm not the best at strategically moving around the team

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  1. Teepee: SHAG - Comp G said:

    How old are you? I ask cause our team is ideally 18 plus

  2. JollyCholly said:

    Hey I’m ✨jȏʟʟʏċһȏʟʟʏ✨ and I’ve been playing TF2 for since August 24,2016 and I have 598 hrs on it. I am a Pyro Main and a Semi Demo/Soldier Main but I would prefer to play as pyro. I have a Fresh Meat ranking on competitive.
    Here is my steam ID:

    I am hoping I can join your team. Thank You!

  3. sharp said:

    I’m younger than 18, I’m Dutch and I have no mic currently. This isn’t too big of a deal if you ask me, but I’m not qualified for your team then. idk how to tag you Teepee

  4. Jan: (League Admin) - |FV| said:

    This isn’t facebook. :D We don’t have a tag function.

  5. sharp said:

    haha thx

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