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Experienced TF2 player, love the game, looking for team. Main Spy, 2nd Soldier, 3rd Medic

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  1. inurfacedx said:

    Ghost- 1.2k hours of spy, played in gold, high silver. Recently stopped playing competitive tf2. Quit 3 main accounts after being hacked several times(3 years ago). I feel if my new time schedule, I can be fit with my flexibility on my time management. I will try to stay on top of my school stuff, finals are coming up so maybe not now would be the correct time. But maybe in a few weeks to 1-2 months. Feel free to add my alt, that is now my main, here at . Note it is private because I’m afraid of getting hacked again.


  2. fin doodle said:

    No prior competitive experience except for maybe 2 TF2C games a while ago and the odd Valve competitive match. I have around 2k hours in the game, and about 52 of my 257 logged hours are on Sniper (reset stats, can’t get a total number of hours). Add me if you’re interested, profile is down below. Thanks!

  3. ike ssj said:

    i want to be the spy for this team

  4. EXO: -TM- said:

    I’d love to join this team. I main medic, only played in steel for a couple of seasons in 6’s, 4’s, and Highlander. I have ~1400 hours in TF2 and want to get more into competitive. I’d like to hone my skills and learn more from this team. I look forward to playing!

  5. Jarvis said:

    I main heavy, been playing for a couple of years on and off and would love to participate in some fun comp games, im available whenever check me out at

  6. HardlyHumorous said: Im rather new player and Im not a bad player but not a good one I would like to play engineer and I could be a valuable asset to the team….. and I have no prior experience in competitive. If engineer is not available I could possible play pyro or scout but I am best as engineer thank you for reading this and I hope you choose meeeee!!!!! :)

  7. MiniYoda said:

    MiniYoda-I main spy have been playing team fortress 2 for 2.4k hours. I reset my stats so I don’t know how long I’ve played spy. I am good with trickstabs and the ambassador. I have no previous experience in competitive.

  8. Silverware: \HYP/ said:

    Interested in picking you up as a soldier.


  9. zalzis said:

    Hello I’m a soldier main I would be interested in joining this fine team. Not to brag but my rocket jumping skills are pretty good (rocket jump academy really helped).

    Medic Maggot (zalzis)~Australia

  10. FallenFrag said:

    I’m a scout engi heavy main but I can change if needed

  11. Keira said:

    Hello! UGC Steel Engie Season 21 PMDT, I am interested in being a engineer for this team, i have close to 1.5 hours and ive been wanting to search far out into comp to play more frequently than i have been. Thank you.

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