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Soldier/Scout player w/ 1000 hrs looking for a fresh meat challenge team. I have some prior experience with comp tf2 (faceit) but i'm hoping to make a start in proper 6v6 with the challenge.

I mainly play Soldier and Scout but I'm at least okay with all classes.

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  1. Jim_tnt said:

    Hello can I join I live in UA I’m good with medic soldier demo engie and mediocre with scout

  2. memegid0u0 said:

    Hello :D I’m semi decent as pyro and I could do worse as demo or soldier, please consider taking me on :) thank u <3

  3. Masketta said:

    I am a decent Soldier. Please consider letting me into your team. : )

  4. toksikroug said:

    Hello, i am a mediocre-good spy main but i dont suck at engie, solly and demo. I have over 1 000 hours of game time in tf2 and i think i could contribute to this team! Contact me on any time or leave a comment on my profile and i will respond ASAP.

  5. Yeti said:

    Hello i’m a Soldier and Medic main from England, i have 750ish hours on the game and i believe that i can be a valuable asset to a team. The other characters you have suggested i can play but not well engoth for a competative level. If you read this i hope you accept me into the team :D
    (I can only play from 18:00 to 22:00)

  6. Yeti said:

    Actaully my time can be changed from 18:00 to 22:00 to 15:00 On weekdays, weekends can be anytime, just need to let me know :D

  7. slavtankista said:

    Hello, I would like to join your team as a heavy (can play soldier asweel if needed) my main is engie but I will play whatever of those classes thanks :)
    PS: I played 400+ hours (on multiple accounts) and I think I am decent at all classes above

  8. SURIK said:

    I would like to play with you,my main classes are: Scout,Heavy,Soldier ;)
    I live in RUSSIA my playtime is 13:00 – 20:00

  9. Fl4m1nG: #MDT said:

    Hello! I’m a Soldier Main and I’m seeking a team for Fresh Meat

    I’ve been playing TF2 for about 250 hours know. I know not much, but when I play casual or competitve, I usually come in the top 3 , if I’m soldier. Not so much for other classes. I’m alright at heavy and also pyro. My worst class is definitely spy.

  10. Smol Crab said:


    Fresh meat player looking to join a team, if you’re still looking :)
    I have over 300 hours clocked in over the last 18 months or so, to which I have found a fondness for Medic, Engineer Heavy and Pyro. Solider is one I can switch to no problem as well as Sniper. Scout, Demo and Spy are my least played but practise can fix any problems. Let me know if I can be of any help to you.

  11. Noz said:

    hi i am noz i have 464 hours in tf2 and i wanna get better at tf2 and have some in experience in competive.I wanna be the solly

  12. Nav_Generate said:

    Hi, i have had currently 260 hours on tf2 and as a medic main, i feeel like i am going to do a good job at healing my team and keeping them alive. i feel like i would be nice for this team. i am fresh meat rank.

  13. eNVy said:

    Hello there!

    I’m interested in joining your team as the roamer Scout. I’ve clocked in 1,400 hours of TF2 and fit all the entry restrictions, so don’t worry. I’ve got close to 200 hours as Scout and I’m interested in getting into comp. I can play Medic but I won’t be as good, as I’ve only got 50 hours put into Medic.

  14. BLIZZARD said:

    hey there im good at playing soldier dont mind playing medic. i have at least 780 hours on tf2 this is my first time taking this big step and with this i want to improve my skills

  15. Spender said:

    Hey like I main spy/medic that’s it really lol. I have 1138 hours on tf2
    I’m just wantong to join ur team

  16. Spender said:

    I’m also quite bad at typing anf rocket jumpinh

  17. Spender said:

    I live in UK
    Consider asding me to the team

  18. vex said:

    Hi COUKI, I have ~2100 hours in game and main soldier (400 hours). I feel as though i’m quite good at soldier, however, should need be, I can also play demo (130 hours). I am quite confident in my abilities and hope you consider me. Thank you for reading and have a great day!

    (my most usual play-times are between 17:00-20:00, although I may be online for longer than that)

  19. A block of cheese said:

    Hello, I have 1154 hours in game but I am new to competitive scene I main Engie and Medic. I can also play soldier, but I’m not as good at it compared to my mains. I’m sure my abilities can help in someway, so please count me in!

  20. A block of cheese said:

    One more thing, I live in the Philippines

  21. dantheman20024 said:

    Hello, I have roughly 510 hours in tf2 atm. I’m fairly new to competitive i’ve played 12 matches but still fresh meat (I’m bad). I play Pyro the most but if needed I will change to Soldier, Engie, Heavy, Demo and Sniper (my aim isn’t all that good) and Medic (I die a lot but will change to it).

    P.S I live in East Yorkshire

  22. dantheman20024 said:

    Another thing: I can also rocket and sticky jump

  23. extrasolar: officer - A07 said:

    why is this entire rec post filled with people who can’t read

    is etf2l too confusing for new players

  24. kaz uchiha said:

    hello i wanna join your team. i can play any classes if you want i think i can play them all but i prefer to be spy.

  25. couki said:

    Just a heads up, I am looking for a team, I don’t have my own team. If you have a team and need a player, just add me! :)

  26. Figglebottom: KRS - WiD said:

    I’m forming a team with some players that are brand new to comp, but we’re all very enthusiastic about this game. Currently we’re missing a demoman to ‘complete’ our lineup (our med situation is a little bit shaky), are you interested in playing?

  27. JollyCholly said:

    Hey I’m ✨jȏʟʟʏċһȏʟʟʏ✨ and I’ve been playing TF2 for since August 24,2016 and I have 598 hrs on it. I am a Pyro Main and a Semi Demo/Soldier Main but I would prefer to play as pyro. I have a Fresh Meat ranking on competitive.
    Here is my steam ID:

    I am hoping I can join your team. Thank You!