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hi im am a decent tf2 player with 2172 hours and looking to get into comp but have no experience in the competitive scene i play a vast plethora of classes and stuff also i am on daily so it is easy to contact me if needed, i hope to be in a future team soon.

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  1. Nano: EOTS said:

    Hi my name is Ronan and I want to play competitive I have played for about 2000 hours and I can play any class (I an not the best). I would love to join you team but I can only play with others on the weekend (including Friday afternoon)

  2. Nano: EOTS said:

    I will send you a friend request if you want me to join

  3. Relish said:

    Hi, my name is Relish, and I would like to play competitive. I have played over 320 hours and want to get into the competitive scene. generally I play whatever class we need on the team, but I’m not the best at everything. I can usually play on Monday afternoons from 3:30 to 5:45, and Wednesday afternoons from 3:30 to 5:45.

  4. Grav1ty said:

    Hi my name, is Yousuf but my steam name is Grav1ty and would like to join your competitive team i play usually around 3:00-5:00 From Monday till Friday. I have 754 Hours on team fortress, iam improving on soilder and have 113 hours, and want to get in the competitive scene.

  5. Jesh: Pk said:

    Hi my name is Jesh and I want to possibly play competitive on this team (idk how it rly works). I have 3105 hours on tf2, but I don’t have much experience with competetive so don’t think I’m a god or anything. I would like to play roamer, but i can do scout aswell.

  6. Jesh: Pk said:

    I forgot to say that my schedule is really weird. I mainly play from 2-5 am Ontario time, and Saturdays before sunset I cannot play whatsoever. in the afternoon on weekdays I can potentially play from 4-7, but most likely only for a competitive game or something.