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Poland thaZu

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old post dissapeard, lol

hi again

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Left Dodging Bullets [6on6] doks
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Joined WASP [Highlander] Detoed.
Joined Dodging Bullets [6on6] doks
Left A Vicious Imagination [6on6] thaZu
Left Poland [National Highlander Team] X-Wing
Left UKIP [Highlander] Condawg
Joined [Fun Team] Maybe
Left Phantom in pyjamas [Fun Team] thaZu
Joined arya [1on1] thaZu
Joined UKIP [Highlander] stephen
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Left [Fun Team] thaZu
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Joined A Vicious Imagination [6on6] Maybe
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Left A Vicious Imagination [6on6] thaZu
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Left Momentum eSports [Highlander] thaZu
Joined Momentum eSports [Highlander] Maybe
Left thaZowaty [1on1] thaZu
Joined Poland [National Highlander Team] Steve!
Left Tourettes Chessclub [Highlander] Scissors
Joined [Fun Team] thaZu
Joined A Vicious Imagination [6on6] sobolanu
Left Status Quo [6on6] thaZu
Joined Status Quo [6on6] walters
Joined Tourettes Chessclub [Highlander] Scissors
Left Tourettes Chessclub [Highlander] thaZu
Left Teflon Busters [2on2] thaZu
Joined Tourettes Chessclub [Highlander] thaZu
Left One Hit Wonders [6on6] Truskawa
Left Max-Play Highlander Team [Highlander] thaZu
Joined Max-Play Highlander Team [Highlander] thaZu
Left Max-Play Highlander Team #2 [Highlander] thaZu
Joined One Hit Wonders [6on6] thaZu
Left Lords of the Frying Pans [6on6] LtK
Joined thaZowaty [1on1] thaZu
Joined Teflon Busters [2on2] thaZu
Joined Lords of the Frying Pans [6on6] thaZu
Joined Max-Play Highlander Team #2 [Highlander] thaZu

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  1. Ebola-Chan: INQV said:

    haha lol xd

  2. thaZu: Lollipops - VaC said:


  3. thaZu: Lollipops - VaC said:


  4. thaZu: Lollipops - VaC said:


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