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Romania drft_

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I want an open team that will go mid next season (experienced team)
16 , I can do both scout or med I'm equally good at both , a bit cocky sometimes , chill most of the time , 1 season exp , like a hundred scrims played , can use both mumble and discord but hey why talk instead of trialing :p
I will have some finals next month but after that I will be able to play all day everyday

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  1. csiga: dP - pizza said:


  2. drft_: HILDYCLAN said:

    It’s not my fault you quit your team , don’t come here after to cry on me for no reason … also nice grammar

  3. drft_: HILDYCLAN said:

    And btw that vac ban also looks sexy af

  4. csiga: dP - pizza said:


  5. drft_: HILDYCLAN said:


  6. CardfightGamer: Jim said:

    pick up this legend, great guy and really nice, really good player

  7. Pseudo: BNB said:

    Would not recommend him. Played with and against him before in the past, struggles with getting into positions or listening to calls in general. Would maybe be able to play in ugc steel at the most. Would not recommend him.

  8. Astro: KAAS said:

    “I can play any day but sometimes (50/50) I can’t play on Sundays , Tuesdays and Wednesdays”

  9. drft_: HILDYCLAN said:

    Quantum would you like to act mature? You’ve been chasing me for 3 months now , lol… You have no other things to do with your life than chasing me because I made a joke on you? Sad

  10. drft_: HILDYCLAN said:

    You didn’t even play with me lol you scrimed my team once , but I can’t ask too much at your 14 years old tho

  11. ducky: ..d1ck - EDO said:

    didnt let me trial because a girl didnt like me.. good player!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. gaming_messiah2: SWAG!!!!! - EDO said:


  13. Ebola-Chan said:


  14. Roper: demoknight - ζ said:

    No way is he Mid, Lowest Open at Best!

  15. drft_: HILDYCLAN said:

    RoperGaming: HAHAHA you just got shitalked idiot stupid kid
    t1ght: Did you just do that because I didn’t want to join your team?
    RoperGaming is now offline

  16. drft_: HILDYCLAN said:

    This page had become hate , grammar and ugc hell

  17. Raz: EDO said:

    No idea if he’s good or not but Quantum is known to be toxic :)

  18. seeds: unknown - UP said:

    Complains about trash talk whilst constantly trash talking others

  19. drft_: HILDYCLAN said:

    Seeing all of Quantum’s friends and teammates shitalking here after a joke … :thinking:

  20. Gotti: Rakuzan said:

    i don’t even know him, but he’s romanian and romanians are good coaie

  21. Roper: demoknight - ζ said:

    XD I like how he edits what I said to look big

  22. drft_: HILDYCLAN said:

    You can’t edit logs dude

  23. Roper: demoknight - ζ said:

    No, You edited a Chat. Get me the Logs then.

  24. shampain: mi6 said:

    Low open for sure, zero gamesense or calls, can’t do basic rollouts for demo and overall bad attitude. Not mature enough yet to even try and learn.

  25. seeds: unknown - UP said:

    Even shampain agrees!

  26. drft_: HILDYCLAN said:

    I like how the people shitalking are ALL quantum’s friends and have never actually played with me

  27. seeds: unknown - UP said:

    I’m not talking about your ability here, only your actions and your responses to our actions.
    You’ve consistently proven that you’re immature, rude, incapable of being responsible and overall, a whiny asshole.

  28. drft_: HILDYCLAN said:

    How do you know that if you never played or talked with me? xD