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UnitedKingdom Yohn

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Hi I am Yohn
As you can see on my profile I haven't got the most amount of experience. However, I am quickly learning a lot about TF2 and the demolitions-man class. I make lots of comms and I am very confident. Very keen and love feedback.
Can play most nights
Thanks for reading ^^

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  1. quicAAA: .isbad said:

    proper lad, really nice

  2. ult1mate: said:

    zen: Dunno about your dm but you’ve got good calls, you should go high

  3. Gazy: RINGO - PAKI said:

    hes really good

  4. zeFrosty: GbK - ty said:

    yes in every way

  5. oJ: RINGO - PAKI said:

    definitely good enough for top mid if not high

  6. Collaide: (Anti Cheat Trial) said:

    Plays well in pugs

  7. Brian: dab said:


  8. MrSmithers: GbK - zap said:

    no question he can play high, really chill guy, doesnt get mad. deffo worth a shot

  9. KRKT: RINGO - PAKI said:

    worth a trial 100%

  10. Snack: (ETF2L Donator) - SVIFT said:

    Phat lad. Great fun to play with and has got something going, demo-wise.

  11. gemm: IDIOT - regretful said:

    dominates on mids

  12. shampain: mi6 said:

    top demoMAN

  13. ninya said:

    non-toxic brit, nice lad. Good potential, would recommend.

  14. bink: lit said:

    big potential, improving quickly.

  15. Mercyless: Naked said:

    really good dm

  16. Jake: GbK - zap said:

    Exceptional dm, very vocal, keen and great guy. can definitely tango in high. Will become a fantastic player under some guidance, future star.

  17. MILKy said:

    better than me

  18. Aubriac: Tree said:

    He’s got great calls and dm and overall an amazing guy to hang out with. He also does nice house tours : )

  19. Sn0w said:

    Seems good!

  20. seeds: HEIL [PL] - UP said:

    im love him forever and ever

  21. Yohn: Tree said:


  22. Ama said:

    phat demo, should be high

  23. Xephur: SD said:

    Medicining for this guy be like: You think you’s 2 people down with uber dis-ad. 7 seconds and 5 pipes later you’re on you’re jolly way to last with a wipe. Choo choo my friend. Choo choo.

  24. ult1mate: said:


  25. tomas: nunya.BLK said:

    makes the burgers BIG

  26. Scruff: Rakuzan - inv said:

    Will pound

  27. Liko: - A07 said:

    brit demomains at it again, topmid for sure

  28. Racso: FoodBoi said:

    he’s too good

  29. planck: GbK - zap said:

    Still good, still a gamer, still lft, still shouldn’t be

  30. kerrm73: SD said:

    Regularly takes nerds to £ town.
    Also has a nice voice for what its worth.

  31. AwditaS: RINGO - PAKI said:

    high +_+

  32. maly: penguins - █▀█ █▄█▀█▀ said:

    Definitely high, will carry in mid.

  33. Racso: FoodBoi said:

    get this man a team

  34. Turbo: bobs said:

    Lots of potential with Yohn. I can see him doing well in high.

  35. Yohn: Tree said:

    bump p

  36. Yohn: Tree said:

    b u m p

  37. Pred: gandhi is said:

    good lad, smart and consistent GAMER, very nice to play with1!!

  38. Lanzer: _____iwate - NYS said:

    wonderful brit a lovely folk to be around, fluent aim and gamesense.
    def deserves a strong team to play with..

  39. Yohn: Tree said:

    le bu mp

  40. Zesty: (blaster) - open - bobs said:

    next adamracek tbh

  41. ducky: ..d1ck - EDO said:


  42. hr said:

    [asked him to trial a few days ago, sent connect 5 mins before game]
    18:54 – Yohn: sorry
    18:54 – Yohn: fuck
    18:54 – Yohn: 1 sec
    18:55 – Yohn: hate to seem like a cunt
    18:55 – Yohn: but i got a couple of high team trials in 5 minutes and then at 20 cet
    18:55 – Yohn: no offence to mid
    18:55 – Yohn: im gonna try high
    18:55 – Yohn: sorry dude
    18:55 – ᶫᵒᵛᵉᶫʸ aychar: Then tell me before moron
    18:55 – ᶫᵒᵛᵉᶫʸ aychar: idc if you prefer to play high but have some respecrt
    18:55 – Yohn: in my defence they double checked with me 4 hours ago and then again 1 hour again
    18:55 – Yohn: sooo
    18:55 – Yohn: you could have done the same i guess
    18:56 – Yohn: rather than coming out of no where
    18:56 – Yohn: so iguess we both messed up in that regards
    18:56 – ᶫᵒᵛᵉᶫʸ aychar: I asked you to play and you said yes?
    18:56 – Yohn: gl with your team
    18:56 – Yohn: yeah i forgot
    18:56 – Yohn: my bad
    18:56 – ᶫᵒᵛᵉᶫʸ aychar: how is that me messing up?
    18:56 – ᶫᵒᵛᵉᶫʸ aychar: btw I wouldn’t have done what you did
    18:56 – Yohn: its not
    18:56 – Yohn: i gotta go
    18:56 – Yohn: yeah i dont really know you
    18:56 – Yohn: so
    18:56 – ᶫᵒᵛᵉᶫʸ aychar: I have respect for people if I say I’m gonna play
    18:56 – Yohn: wow!
    18:56 – Yohn: good luck
    18:56 – Yohn: cya round

  43. Liko: - A07 said:

    wow yohn, did you really swear in front of that person? lost all my respect

  44. seeds: HEIL [PL] - UP said:

    Yohn missing one trial and apologising for it?
    The man must be publically executed, you’re completely right for posting this chat log on his rec post, God bless you Sir!

  45. Crad: Rskld - Tt said:

    Good demo, pick him up :)

  46. hr said:

    Apologising means nothing. He is clearly a selfish person and didn’t care about wasting people’s time and ruining trials if it meant himself getting to play a higher level. If this doesn’t bother you then ignore it but I wouldn’t want to play with someone like this.

  47. Xorkilicious: YumYum - :^) said:

    That wasn’t necessary hr.

  48. yak: - A07 said:

    hr i dont disagree w/ u but posting it on the forums is a bit dumb imo and only makes u look bad


  49. thpathm: FUZZ - c u nt said:

    stop being mean and go review a wasp u neek

  50. Funs: MUUQ - S-O said:

    wtf hr lol that just reads bad on your part honestly, yohn even said it was his bad


  51. thpathm: FUZZ - c u nt said:

    1love btw,

  52. chris: gandhi is said:

    hr making himself look more retarded than the person hes trying to make look retarded :thinking:


  53. Aubriac: Tree said:

    Yohn is a nice guy and at least he did apologise, don’t make him look like he’s a selfish person, you seem to lose your temper pretty easily.

  54. Aubriac: Tree said:


    only for meme

  55. ult1mate: said:


  56. Georgebaii said:

    Top Pipe,
    Nice Guy,
    Very Hype,
    EZ High.

  57. Yohn: Tree said:

    this is
    a bump

  58. Yohn: Tree said:

    another bump?

  59. Yohn: Tree said: