Medic  Mid Skill, 6on6

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do people even read this ?

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  1. Raz: EDO said:


  2. Raz: EDO said:

    strong heals and nutty arrows, pick her up

  3. Stinson_Out: (Head Admin) - [HA] - az said:

    Lovely person, awesome medic. Simply the best! (:

  4. Raz: EDO said:

    I bump

  5. Aaron: unknown - SaK said:

    team ded?

  6. Stinson_Out: (Head Admin) - [HA] - az said:

    Don’t be nice to her just because she is a girl please

  7. Matthes: AeTeam - 100% said:

    absolute gamer

  8. Astro said:

    I merced for her team once and she seemed solid. Great pickup for top Open but I see Mid so definitely a solid trial and possible pickup :D

  9. Brian: -PP- - IVAN. said:

    Probably can handle mid. Was decent the few games I’ve seen her play + played with her but does have a lot to improve on.

    Solid trial for top open/mid though

  10. Via: -PP- said:

    thanks friends!

    Brian I think you’re confusing me with someone else, I do not recall playing with you but thanks anyway ;)