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England Zolith

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Exams are almost done and I'm pretty keen on returning to the game with a chill team.

High – Demoman sub (preferably) or main for the right team
Mid – Demoman main (preferably) or pyro main/sub

Add me to trial or whatever.

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  1. Gorzum: zest - Lucrosa said:

    good demo also brings memes

  2. slambergcaiz: C00L - MMS said:

    he told me once i was his brother and that he loved me as a friend but i think he was drunk and hes a good demo should do good in high

  3. 4hp: c u nt said:

    really solid both in dm and calls, good aggressive play. good luck

  4. Adje: Vaccinator - IVAN. said:

    for someone who rarely plays pyro he’s actually far better than most pyros playing mid or even high lol

    phat fragger on demo

  5. Zolith: at. said:


  6. Lemmy: Vaccinator - IVAN. said:

    Good demolition damage boy yesyes

  7. Brian: -PP- - IVAN. said:

    The better autistic pyro in Ivan :^)

  8. Adje: Vaccinator - IVAN. said:

    autismo pyro extraordinaire: sound card + microphone included