Engineer  Mid Skill, Highlander

Hungary Neon

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Searching for a good mid team;
Main engi
Add me if interests :^

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Team History

Action Team By Date
Joined Medjai [1on1] Neon
Joined Last Kings [6on6] TAPSí
Joined Tanzanian Hot Pocket Militia [Highlander] Klin
Left Szerb-Horvat Buszsoforok 2 [Highlander] Neon
Joined kofola master race [Fun Team] bohoc
Left The Hungarian Cunts [Fun Team] Neon
Joined Hungary [National Highlander Team] tuja
Joined The Hungarian Cunts [Fun Team] Hoolygan5
Left kofola master race [Fun Team] Neon
Joined no need to be upset [2on2] bohoc
Left Game Over [6on6] Neon
Joined Game Over [6on6] Salgo
Left G3C1T4X [6on6] Neon
Joined G3C1T4X [6on6] tuja
Left stampede [6on6] Neon
Joined kofola master race [Fun Team] tuja
Joined Szerb-Horvat Buszsoforok 2 [Highlander] tuja
Left Jaffia [Highlander] Neon
Joined stampede [6on6] Perlex
Left Game Over [6on6] Neon
Joined Jaffia [Highlander] Salgo
Left Jaffia [Highlander] Neon
Joined Game Over [6on6] Salgo
Joined Jaffia [Highlander] Salgo

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  1. sasami: Boh - VR said:


  2. csiga: 222 said:

    godlike engi
    played magicka with him 10 hours straight, didnt regret

  3. Geri: MoN - JJ said:

    mid for sure, give him a good team, talented engi

  4. nubbi: MoN - TDsnt said:

    great player, pick him up

  5. bohoc: L3RD said:

    played paladins 200hours straight, didnt regret

  6. n1ven: BB - Jaf. said:

    Best Torbjörn main, ohh wait.

  7. Teatime: KaoS - pizza said:

    how many neons are there?

  8. bohoc: L3RD said:

    hes the one and only

  9. tuja: 222 said:

    just pick him up

  10. neon: sirkkels - BauS said:


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