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Germany Sound

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Looking for a nice ETF2L team to play with.
I can play pretty much anytime, if I can't show up I will tell you beforehand.
18 years old and fluent in english.
No, this is not my third post in one pre-season period ok ;-;

Feel free to add me anytime

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Team History

Action Team By Date
Left The Quitters [Highlander] Sound
Left inactive [6on6] soda
Joined The Quitters [Highlander] Anus Stretcher
Left SENSATION [Highlander] Sound
Joined SENSATION [Highlander] Dave_the_Irate
Left wax is literally trash [Highlander] Sound
Joined inactive [6on6] Throni
Joined wax is literally trash [Highlander] Cat
Left Version 3 [Highlander] Sound
Joined Version 3 [Highlander] 4hp
Left Ugandan Pizza Police [Highlander] Sound
Joined Ugandan Pizza Police [Highlander] redwood
Left Bingo & Chill [6on6] Sound
Left Gold Rathians [Highlander] Sound
Joined Gold Rathians [Highlander] 4hp
Left SENSATION [Highlander] Sound
Joined SENSATION [Highlander] Firefly
Left Schnitzel e-sports [Highlander] Sound
Joined Bingo & Chill [6on6] Yoshi is good
Joined Schnitzel e-sports [Highlander] BlueBerry607
Left Vanilla Existence [Highlander] Sound
Joined Vanilla Existence [Highlander] h1ght3ch
Left The Golden Rockets [Highlander] Sound
Joined The Golden Rockets [Highlander] PrepareUranus
Left The Tiny Waffles [Highlander] Sound
Joined The Tiny Waffles [Highlander] Transistor

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  1. Nightmare: SGrill - dab said:

    best spy lft

  2. princess dvs: 4SKINGS - (°)> said:

    Rapes me consistently

  3. Domaytoe: (Certified Puntomime) - ★GF - Lucrosa said:

    If you want to listen to the sound of silenced enemy gamers, pick him up.
    Him being german is, obviously, a huge plus. °L°

  4. Adje: GIEL - dab said:

    Has the punniest puns, good calls and phat medic drops. Definitely one of the best spies lft.

  5. Zolith: UBI - ᴀᴜᴛɪsᴍ said:

    Best spy lft right now and a pleasure to play with :D

  6. 4hp: ζ said:

    Hopefully I’ll get my team right and he doesn’t have to leave, but a top spy and fun guy nevertheless.

  7. Akuma: kevin said:


  8. Teatime: pizza said:

    picking him up SOUNDs like a good idea XD

  9. Nightmare: SGrill - dab said:

    Teatime please.. stop with the horrible puns :B

  10. Shiringa: NOM - Dr. med. said:

    Don’t know if hes good enough for prem, but very good spy as far as i can remember. Trailing him won’t hurt you.