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Scotland Potato-Chan

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looking for gamers to play teamfortress2 with

i can take criticism without crying in mumble i do it after so u can tell me if im bad dont wory

I can but do NOT want to call, also do not pick me up if this is your first season

Looking for High Open or Mid, maybe low high.

Demo, Soldier, Scout then med is my order of classes, looking for a somewhat serious team, can play most days after 6:30pm gmt, anytime during the weekend unless I say otherwise.

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  1. extrasolar: officer - 00x said:

    02:48 – potato: im scottish if im not high im gettign my high through wearing girl swimsuits if not that then hgetiting very dumnk

  2. Gravity: pTF! - RBR said:

    Hi we would like to trial you for highlander medic I know it’s not 6’s but hey. We are in open so the games should be great for you.

  3. tchorzyk said:

    Hi, I see you are searching for demo I could fit

  4. Divine: POOPTROOP - 100% said:

    tchorzyk, he is searching for a team AS demo (or any of the other 6’s classes)

  5. Gazy: RINGO said:

    Can remember playing with him in my first season, absolute beast and defo worth picking up

  6. Celreo: officer - 00x said:

    fun times on ukip epic player

  7. Potato-Chan: TD - 100% said:

    thx bois :))))

  8. extrasolar: officer - 00x said:


  9. PJC: chumtoad. said: