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ayy lmao.

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Left the steam bourgeoisie [Fun Team] Xyz
Left the SPY!!!!1! [Highlander] Xyz
Joined the SPY!!!!1! [Highlander] ducky
Joined the steam bourgeoisie [Fun Team] ducky
Left Not Yet Specified [Highlander] Xyz
Left DigyBeef [Fun Team] Xyz
Left Bison Only [1on1] Xyz
Left OnlyHereToBeatDefa [2on2] Xyz
Joined Bison Only [1on1] Xyz
Left APEX 2!!! [6on6] AustinN
Joined OnlyHereToBeatDefa [2on2] tatty
Joined APEX 2!!! [6on6] Defamation
Left rudeboys on the block [6on6] Xyz
Joined Not Yet Specified [Highlander] tatty
Left redrumers [Highlander] Xyz
Joined redrumers [Highlander] lybon
Left Virtual Unreality HL [Highlander] Xyz
Left Two Open Losers :c [2on2] Xyz
Joined Two Open Losers :c [2on2] amy.
Joined DigyBeef [Fun Team] DigyB
Joined Virtual Unreality HL [Highlander] DigyB
Left Two Open Losers :c [2on2] Xyz
Left Default Hunters [Highlander] Xyz
Left Pasta Faggot [1on1] Xyz
Joined Pasta Faggot [1on1] Xyz
Joined Two Open Losers :c [2on2] Xyz
Joined Default Hunters [Highlander] lybon
Left Virtual Unreality HL [Highlander] Xyz
Joined Virtual Unreality HL [Highlander] DigyB
Left Messed up minds [Highlander] Xyz
Joined Messed up minds [Highlander] AustinN
Left Team Amaze-Balls v3 [Highlander] Xyz
Joined Team Amaze-Balls v3 [Highlander] Donny
Left Sophisticated Horseman's Idiocy Tribe [Highlander] Xyz
Joined Sophisticated Horseman's Idiocy Tribe [Highlander] Donny
Left Kitchen heroes [Highlander] Xyz
Left KSAIS [1on1] Xyz
Joined Kitchen heroes [Highlander] Unii
Left Savage Kitties [Highlander] Xyz
Joined Savage Kitties [Highlander] Raganos
Joined KSAIS [1on1] Xyz
Joined rudeboys on the block [6on6] Rox
Left redrumers [Highlander] Xyz
Left Lo-Fi LOL [6on6] Xyz
Joined Lo-Fi LOL [6on6] Broly
Left Unitatos are real [6on6] Xyz
Joined Unitatos are real [6on6] lybon
Joined redrumers [Highlander] lybon
Left 90% Apple Juice [Highlander] Xyz
Left EAT [6on6] Xyz
Joined EAT [6on6] Xyz
Left Toxic wasps [6on6] Xyz
Joined Toxic wasps [6on6] arcijs98
Joined 90% Apple Juice [Highlander] Latsu7
Left Techni-Colour Esports [6on6] Quake
Joined Techni-Colour Esports [6on6] Quake

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  1. Donny: jajaja said:

    gr8 laugh

  2. Donny: jajaja said:

    has a*