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Denmark mist

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Most likely looking for a new team, as I don't think PT will play S12
I prefer maining, but could sub if nothing is available. Could also play scout if no one needs a sniper.

( ͡~ ͜ʖ ͡9)

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  1. Domaytoe: (Certified Puntomime) - ★GF - CRAZYBWAII said:

    Maybe PT will play S12 though :thinking:

  2. Taihoo: CRAZYBWAII said:

    Top tier

  3. Feri: MF - ( ͡~ ͜ʖ ͡9 said:

    really good and cool
    “Don’t feed the sniper”

  4. BAITO: ( ͡~ ͜ʖ ͡9 said:

    What feri said )), but yez none knows if tf2 alive s11. However if tf2 is alive, kektek surely plays 1x a week like most weeks on this and last season, also name changing guaranteed

  5. Jelly: FRESH - (°)> said:


  6. Spelly: LvG - SDCK said:

    good supply of memes for your team

  7. cloudy: R6S - S-O said:

    very solid boy

  8. adysky: K! - S-O said:

    Best player on pt

  9. Sn0w: _____iwate - c u nt said:

    Sometimes his memes are ok :|

  10. Leagle_: + - ( ͡~ ͜ʖ ͡9 said:

    a great sniper and a nice guy

  11. mist: NOOT - SDMC! said:


  12. cherryrendezvous: mkcat - -chess- said:


    Tick One:

    Sub on a good team ▢

    Main on a meh team ▢

    Quit HL and focus on 6’s ▢

  13. Spycy said:


  14. Burn: SDCK said:


    Tick One:

    Sub on a good team ▢

    Main on a meh team ▢

    Quit HL and focus on 6’s ▢

  15. Marv: REMOVE - SDMC! said:

    never memed with me :(

  16. mist: NOOT - SDMC! said:


  17. Bloodis: (League Admin) - (๑╹ω╹๑ ) - XD said:

    quitting HL and focusing on the actual gamemode that matters is the best choice here, hands down

  18. Metso: FRESH - (°)> said:

    gut snaiping ! 8)

  19. mist: NOOT - SDMC! said:

    end me

  20. mist: NOOT - SDMC! said:


  21. swae lee: AE - EDO said:

    might be jesus

  22. mist: NOOT - SDMC! said:

    yea BOI

  23. mist: NOOT - SDMC! said:


  24. mist: NOOT - SDMC! said:

    Give me a home!!!

  25. mist: NOOT - SDMC! said:


  26. Marv: REMOVE - SDMC! said:

    homeless scrub

  27. Kaelan Frey said:

    GOOD player +1

  28. mist: NOOT - SDMC! said:


  29. child1: RINGO said:

    tfw u bring kaelan back from the dead for a bump

  30. rabid: wdc. - pizza said:


  31. mist: NOOT - SDMC! said:


  32. Nate: SDMC! said:

    bump :^)

  33. mist: NOOT - SDMC! said:


  34. mist: NOOT - SDMC! said:

    le BUMP

  35. mist: NOOT - SDMC! said:


  36. Clark: B5 - SDCK said:

    almost as good as juju

  37. mist: NOOT - SDMC! said:

    BUMP #12423523165346