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Looking for a team to buddy with for upcoming Highlander Open tournament.

Pretty much none of my friends can play because of UGC eligibility so looks like I'm there for the taking.

If you're new to competitive or don't know me, here's some things you should know:
– I main Heavy so medic is ez class
– 2nd place in last season's ETF2L Open championship
– Currently playing as Heavy in UGC Gold
– Can carry the team with my voice, memes, or experience
– A lot of people around here hate me, wouldn't you love to see the look on their face when you win 8)

If you're an Iron/Open team and your med's too experienced then I'll be sure to adapt to whatever playstyle you may have as well as offering my own insight. Could maybe even mentor your Heavy and other combo classes if you're into that sort of thing.

If however, you're completely new to competitive I can teach you everything you need to know about Highlander and how the classes operate. For the level of play we'll be playing at, I can pretty much comprehensively mentor on every class except for Scout.

Add me if you are interested or want to ask questions :)

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  1. extrasolar: officer - CHIMPU18 said:


  2. Kemor: ; said:

    If I am the best Pyro in open, this man is the best everything else in Open, the greatest to ever live, yes

  3. Goopboy said:

    Honestly i haven’t joined a competitive before so im going to give it a go I main as either scout or pyro. I have added you so we could chat.