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Germany Amaterasu

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Hello, Engineer main here.
I'm looking for a Open/Mid team to trial on (no sub spots please). I think that I have the skill to play higher than Open and I want to improve further. I'm thankful for any tips and suggestions I can get to help me improve my gameplay. I speak English, have Mumble and a mic, of course.
I'm available most evenings starting from 18 CEST to about 22 CEST.

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  1. ivan said:

    good engie, dont let the little experience fool you, can definitely pull off mid, has a brain and can shoot a gun really good ALSO A ZELDA ENTHUSIAST GOOD PICK UP FOR ANY TEAM!!

  2. Teriyaki Sauce said:

    one of the best engies I know and only one that can actually shoot stuff, definitely good enought for a high mid team. litle experience but without doubt gifted and skilled, always looking to learn and improve. best pick for a team :D

  3. JackWalms: RUSH said:

    Good engie – could handle mid easily. Also very eager to play and learn :D

  4. Amaterasu: (Senior Anti-Cheat Admin) - OPFOR - Nein said:

    thank y’all