Medic  Open/Mid Skill, 6on6

England crazycalumrock

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Sub only

Can only really play Fridays and weekends due to late job.

In 6s I can only really play med even in Open

Ideally I'd like to play some Fridays/Sundays, on some Saturdays I do things but if you ask in advance it should be okay.

Lanable (probably)

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  1. Royal Flush: r-gag - said:

    Lovely guy; would be a great pickup for any team looking for a great medic sub.

    Good luck Calum <3

  2. crazycalumrock: JaR said:

    also I might be lanable for i55 and thanks Flush :)

  3. RTC said:

    my bae <3

    honestly could do high

  4. bluR-: op_sqd said:

    amazing guy, definetly high

  5. crazycalumrock: JaR said:

    thanks for the compliments. i don’t feel too confident in high but you could try me :)

  6. ElazulTF2 said:

    Very good medic, easy going and always very nice to talk to.

  7. Divi said:

    calum pls

  8. Spycy: TC.Express said:

    “Open/Mid” ???

  9. crazycalumrock: JaR said:

    HL stuff sorted with Elazul – just 6s now though i’m not that fussed.

  10. Hammock: x22 - PitO. said:

    best medic in essex international team

  11. EinsteinTheCrazy1: zed said: