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Norway crouton

Posted: 755 days ago | Last Online: 6 days ago

Just realized I never made a post after karnage folded ^^

Hook me up yo.

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Joined Superstars only [6on6] CommanderX 218 days ago
Left Team Infused [6on6] crouton 218 days ago
Joined Team Infused [6on6] crouton 256 days ago
Left Scandi vs HUUHHU [6on6] crouton 256 days ago
Joined Scandi vs HUUHHU [6on6] crouton 467 days ago
Left AUTOBOTS [6on6] crouton 467 days ago
Joined le leglesslegolegolas xD [Highlander] crouton 527 days ago
Joined Norway [National 6v6 Team] crouton 676 days ago
Joined Norway [National Highlander Team] crouton 697 days ago
Joined AUTOBOTS [6on6] crouton 730 days ago
Left Karnage eSports [6on6] crouton 755 days ago
Joined Karnage eSports [6on6] antyjc 882 days ago
Left Blame [6on6] Sonny Black 882 days ago
Joined Blame [6on6] crouton 884 days ago
Left Blame [6on6] crouton 884 days ago
Joined Blame [6on6] crouton 886 days ago
Left Insane Dutch Killers [6on6] crouton 886 days ago
Joined Insane Dutch Killers [6on6] crouton 948 days ago
Left Meh I'll think of one later [6on6] crouton 953 days ago
Joined Meh I'll think of one later [6on6] NerdZone 958 days ago

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  1. TWEEKARN\: said:

    pew pew

  2. krazko: IDK said:

    really nice guy!
    showed he can handle prem!
    pick him up!

  3. TviQ: awight guys said:


  4. Chicken George: pv.eS - pv.eS said:

    ubersawed him twice in newbie mix back in august so div6 obviously -
    but really he’s the best example of how player can progress so fast if he’s keen and got a talent.
    best of luck man.

  5. ipz-: mig * said:

    more like whoaton!

  6. Golden: said:

    Very good scout/sniper, nice to play with. Gl :)

  7. Mike: Epsilon said:


  8. <3 isco <3: 2strong said:

    good luck! :]

  9. Morphine: 30% said:

    I played several newbie mixes with him back in the day. They grow up so fast *sniff*.

    Anyway, likes nice watches and motorbikes. :)

  10. crouton: Truls! - LEGO said:

    Is it possible to bump your own posts?

  11. ipz-: mig * said:

    pathetic attempt but good at scattergun and such

  12. Taimou: said:

    fast learner, can easily contest top scouts if he just plays shitloads, also a very relaxed gamer.

    good luck mate.

  13. Admirable: -st- said:

    Held his own in the premiership but needs a bit of self belief… a bit of invite swagger :D
    I believe in you bro!

  14. Hat: said:

    secretly leads the life of a Norwegian female

  15. smzii: mig * - -st- said:

    mediocre to half decent motorcyclist

  16. Forsak3n: said:

    pro at cs :p