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Demoman  Prem/Div 1 Skill, 6on6

Russia sickless

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can pew pew 3-4 days a week. Prefer a backup spot

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Team History

Action Team By Date
Joined Fenneks eSports by SimRai.com [season 18 [6on6] KillAri
Left top lel Russian Businessmen [6on6] sickless
Joined top lel Russian Businessmen [6on6] -FiRE-
Left TERRORISTS [6on6] sickless
Left Last Man Standing [6on6] sickless
Joined sickless going huge [1on1] sickless
Joined Last Man Standing [6on6] sickless
Left Last Man Standing [6on6] Forsak3n
Joined Last Man Standing [6on6] sickless
Left vier // red [6on6] sickless
Joined vier // red [6on6] sickless
Left pixling.ru Starlight [Highlander] sickless
Left Element [6on6] sickless
Joined Russia [National 6v6 Team] sickless
Joined Element [6on6] sickless
Left Oh My God It Is [6on6] sickless
Joined Oh My God It Is [6on6] Blade
Left Green is Best [6on6] D1ego$
Joined Green is Best [6on6] sickless
Left GoodGame [6on6] sickless
Joined GoodGame [6on6] evokje
Left Green is Best [6on6] sickless
Joined pixling.ru Starlight [Highlander] Recluse
Joined Green is Best [6on6] D1ego$
Left xyz [6on6] Thy*
Joined xyz [6on6] sickless
Left Blame [6on6] sickless
Joined Blame [6on6] sickless
Left STRIP [6on6] sickless
Joined STRIP [6on6] Zebbosai
Left HoverCrabs [6on6] sickless
Joined HoverCrabs [6on6] D1ego$
Left Power Gaming EU [6on6] sickless
Joined Power Gaming EU [6on6] CommanderX
Left RUSH [6on6] sickless
Joined RUSH [6on6] sickless
Left faglol [6on6] sickless
Joined faglol [6on6] sickless
Left Carpe Diem [6on6] Misa
Joined Carpe Diem [6on6] sickless
Left Russians h4x0rz [Fun Team] sickless
Left Oh My God It Is [6on6] sickless
Joined Russians h4x0rz [Fun Team] sickless
Joined Oh My God It Is [6on6] sickless
Left rockit like NeXt.GC [Fun Team] sickless
Left Game Control Highlander [Highlander] sickless
Left Game Control [6on6] sickless
Joined Game Control Highlander [Highlander] beN
Joined rockit like NeXt.GC [Fun Team] beN
Joined Game Control [6on6] beN
Left I Don't Know? "white" [6on6] Slick
Joined I Don't Know? "white" [6on6] flix

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  1. sickless: fnx.simrai said:


  2. flix: n2o said:

    i go rampo!!!!!!!!!

  3. basH: hf said:

    i’ve got got got balls of steel

  4. Tek said:

    gl la souris