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Germany KLar

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quad has new plans, so they kicked me
sunday-wednsday 20-22:30
roam or pocket

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Left Germany [National Highlander Team] quintosh
Joined okie [6on6] inferius
Left Germany [National 6v6 Team] basH.
Left sit down trader [6on6] KLar
Joined sit down trader [6on6] svins
Joined Germany [National Highlander Team] basH.
Joined Germany [National 6v6 Team] basH.
Left Fenneks eSports by [season 18 [6on6] KLar
Left le leglesslegolegolas xD [Highlander] KLar
Left Germany [National Highlander Team] basH.
Left Germany [National 6v6 Team] basH.
Joined Fenneks eSports by [season 18 [6on6] skeej
Left TF2 is dead [6on6] KLar
Joined TF2 is dead [6on6] stefaaan
Left TCM Gaming [6on6] droso
Left Ich liebe dich [Fun Team] KLar
Joined le leglesslegolegolas xD [Highlander] skeej
Left May Contain Nuts [Highlander] KLar
Joined TCM Gaming [6on6] byte
Left International Special Force [6on6] KLar
Joined International Special Force [6on6] KLar
Left IsF [6on6] KLar
Joined IsF [6on6] KLar
Left IsF [6on6] KLar
Joined IsF [6on6] KLar
Left AUTOBOTS [6on6] KLar
Joined AUTOBOTS [6on6] KLar
Left vier // black [6on6] KLar
Joined vier // black [6on6] KLar
Left AUTOBOTS [6on6] KLar
Joined AUTOBOTS [6on6] KLar
Left 6v6 wouldbegoodifitwassoldiersonly [6on6] KLar
Joined Germany [National Highlander Team] KLar
Joined 6v6 wouldbegoodifitwassoldiersonly [6on6] KLar
Left Karnage eSports [6on6] Raliator
Joined Germany [National 6v6 Team] Thy*
Joined Karnage eSports [6on6] antyjc
Left We won all games in prem [6on6] KLar
Joined We won all games in prem [6on6] Gubbins
Joined Ich liebe dich [Fun Team] Thalash
Left Marco FTW [6on6] mvp.
Joined May Contain Nuts [Highlander] Beef
Left fuck off we party here! [Highlander] KLar
Joined fuck off we party here! [Highlander] TightPussy
Joined Marco FTW [6on6] KLar
Left Level Up [6on6] KLar
Joined Level Up [6on6] WalKeR
Left I Don't Know? [6on6] HYS
Joined I Don't Know? [6on6] HYS
Left Taurus E-Sports [Highlander] Sonny Black
Left Trick17 [6on6] KLar
Joined Trick17 [6on6] Brego
Left n2o-gaming.TF2 [6on6] mosepose
Joined Taurus E-Sports [Highlander] Sonny Black
Joined n2o-gaming.TF2 [6on6] mosepose
Left International Special Force [6on6] ShadowG
Joined Pop like a Cherry [2on2] alfa
Joined International Special Force [6on6] ShadowG
Left nRage [6on6] Sclampf
Joined nRage [6on6] aLx
Left <3 Pendulum [6on6] KeNnY^
Joined <3 Pendulum [6on6] KeNnY^
Left FakkelBrigade 2 [6on6] KLar
Joined FakkelBrigade 2 [6on6] KLar

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  1. IPZIE: SUAVE said:

    quad is a massiv twat and the idea of quad having authority in a team is just a joke

  2. Thalash: 7. - S-O said:


  3. FADe: dd said:

    KLar forever pissing in his hand clothes

  4. Daleth: ti. - [PG] said:

    made in germany attempt 7????

  5. smziii: (Legendary Ratehacks) - SVIFT said:


  6. KLar: okie said:

    forever alone :(

  7. nvc said:

    Klar is probably like Thy and wouldn’t say hello to his friend at the same LAN event whilst being 15meters away… never forgive never forget.

    Good player!

  8. KLar: okie said:

    hello and a hug , nvc

  9. Retsh0ck: 32erz - 2strong said:

    open a new team with smzi and thy? maybe get droso in as well and some other randoms LOL

    jkjk, good luck

  10. Permzilla: (Legend) - LEGO - WiK? said:

    div4 scout

  11. WOODY[: Tplay said:

    played with him once and he raped it. gl

  12. KLar: okie said: