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Israel p0Le

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yo guys,
`Interrobang` is folding, so I am looking now for a clan to play with, before S11 starts.
Basically I'm looking for a top d2 clan, even though I think I can handle more, just because I want to start working more on main calling which is required in the higher levels. I would like to trial for d1 clans as well.

– 17 y/o
– Available for 4 days 4 maps (each day) a week.
– Gamesense
– Very experienced medic, playing a lot of time at the level of top d2 / low d1
– Will be able to main call
– Friendly
– Non-raging
– Willing to improve my self with good teammates

– Aiming for top d2 / getting into d1 @ S11
– Friendly
– Willing to improve and success

For trials add me via steam ;)


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  1. Erectus: aHn said:

    Don’t mind the jew invasion in a few minutes even though i’m a jew myself. :O
    p0le is realy one of the better medics around his level. I atleast rate him above a lot others,
    playing with him is awesome as he survives at crucial and insane situations, but playing against him is a pain in the butt. :(
    Once he gains the experience he needs as a main caller he will get the team he plays at to the top of the div, and I’m sure a talented player like him will gain it at a quite impressive speed :)
    Good luck!

  2. ReveraL said:

    great medic skills. Prem at hitting with the medic’s arrow gun :D

  3. Minus said:

    p0le is a great Medic. great guy :D

    hit him up.

  4. GodOfFail said:

    Just get ahead with these israeli teams instead of folding them… Seriously,that has got to be the third israeli team with almost the same roster that folds.
    חרוש שהתפרקתם lol

  5. r7an: -9w- said:

    fucking tarkus……….

  6. darkstar: 2strong said:

    Div1 medic easily, one of the best medic’s Iv’e played with. Not to mention his skills with the crossbow :D

  7. p0Le said:


  8. baribur: aHn - 2strong said:

    great medic, nothing more to say.
    his crossbow’s skills are amazing!

  9. sky said:

    Israel people all div2 or prem ^:D

  10. p0Le said:

    still looking.

  11. p0Le said:


  12. RisinG: D&D said:

    Was always a good medic when i played against him.

    Give him a try.

  13. p0Le said:

    buMp again.

  14. Retsh0ck: 32erz - 2strong said:

    Indeed another product from Israel’s finest medics factory, comes with better english than techtron and better crossbow skills *as mentioned above* than royze’s ( lol roy you’re fucking shit ).
    Should be able to get a div1 team without that much of a problem imo, good luck :]