Season 4

Division 4e

Week 6

Date Not Scheduled
Results submitted:
by wer (Pul Kai)



0 - 2

[Screenshots: A B ]



1 - 8

[Screenshots: A ]

Germany Team AWESOME vs Norway Pul Kai
0 - 6

SteamID Screenshots: A


Team AWESOME (6) biha, EvilTwin, Ava Jump Jumper, MCL, GriZZly, b00m4nn
Pul Kai (5) fRdz, Sliceroth, Bjarnfinn, wer, Xmile
Unrostered (1) Gaarulf


  1. JHB79: EC! said:


    is it possible for you to play on tuesday the 17th between 19-21 CET or on thursday the 19th at 19 CET.
    To test your ping, our serv is “ScS | rippchen mit kraut II |”
    IP : pass: eslwar / SourceTV 50 slots is on

  2. JHB79: EC! said:


    we have to change the dates. :(
    Is it possible for you to play on monday the 17th between 19-21 CET or on wednesday the 18th between 19-21 CET.

  3. wer: said:

    ping is ok for most of us, some have a little high ping tho

    can u try; password mbri

    located in denmark

  4. 7h3r!pp4: ScS| - 9g1c said:

    ScArYsUcKeR.TF2 use their wildcard to postpone this match to thursday 19.03. 21 CET and Pul Kai agreed to this.

    Thanks alot at Pul Kai!!

  5. wer: said:

    Hi, sorry but it turns out we cant play thursday 19.03 :(

    is it possible to play it wednesday 18.03 – 19:30?

  6. wer: said:

    scarysucker allowed us to use gaarulf as a ringer

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