Season 4

Division 3c

Week 7

Date Scheduled:
Results submitted:
by Nor (Team Fruit)

Default Win

Russia Nameless TF2 Squad vs European Team Fruit
0 - 6

SteamID Screenshots: A


Nameless TF2 Squad (4) TuK, Andrew ken, lala, Pron
Team Fruit (5) Nor, asafzie, Amonsilas, vosen, zar
Unrostered (2) Duracell, blw
Unregistered (1) Destructo <3 Birds!


  1. Norek: rda said:

    (12:21:11) ([N]BloW) we will use the wild cart for ours tommorow match , cause of problems with fucking provider … that’s all i have to say

  2. BloW: element // said:

    dAy accepted to move this match on 31.03

  3. The Pledge said:

    Right, I just wanna clean my mind because I don’t think this match is becoming what I’ve hoped it would be. I expected this match to be the clash between the #1 and #2 from division 3C, but imo it has now actually become a match where the system is used to gain an advantage, and that’s not the way it should be.

    You guys are claiming that you can’t play because of some providers, but it is rather weird to see you guys playing an Israël mix a couple of days ago and an ETF2L official against Clan Troopers TONIGHT!

    On behalf of Team Fruit I would like to ask Nameless TF2 Squad about this situation and why the heck this match has been scheduled that much forward (it’s scheduled for 28th of March, ffs) when you guys can play this week anyway, according to the official you guys got planned for tonight 20.40 CET.

    And the best part about this whole story, is that the comment at the Troopers game was made AFTER the above comments from Norek and BloW. Which obviously means the match against Troopers was scheduled for tonight while BloW just used their wildcard for our match which was planned to be played last Sunday.

    Once again, I would like to mention I’d love some clearance on this case. We are willing to play the official any day, even though we’re pretty much booked for the entire week. But we are willing to make an arrangement instead of you trying to get an advantage over us by moving the game forward. At least, it looks like that.

    The Pledge

  4. Norek: rda said:


  5. dAyKiLLeR: (Legend) - farm! - it's a farm said:

    Hey, as mentioned to one of the Fruits in IRC 2 days ago, I agreed on postponing this match to the end of the month as Nameless stated 4 of them dont have a playable until this. Blow said 3-4 of them will play the other 2 matches with ping of 150-200.

    If this is the case its just fair to postpone this deciding match to the period their pings are fine again. Anyway, if this isnt the case, there will surely be a revision. So I would say lets just wait for their pings @ tonights match.

  6. BloW: element // said:

    dear Pledge , only one question , do you want to play the game for the first place in this division against the team , where 5 of 6 members will have 130-160 ping and 40-60 chokes ? if yes – NP MATE
    we don’t care about the match with troopers , we will play this match tonight with such a pings and losses , cause we have no choice .

  7. The Pledge said:

    I guess it’s just weird to see you guys playing Troopers with pings between 20-90 for 60 minutes total. Could be me, but you guys are either trying to avoid our match or you suddenly had a stable connection between 20.40 and 22.00 CET ;x

  8. BloW: element // said:

    as you can see i had’nt play yesterday , cause of connection ( thx to team troopers for the merk ) . And ,yes, of cause , in the night-time our pings are better

  9. dAyKiLLeR: (Legend) - farm! - it's a farm said:

    I spoke to Blow in IRC due to the Troopers ping. They would be able to play earlier if the match can be played on a finnish server.

    [15:01:54] < [N]BloW> on finnish we have something near 100 in 20 CET , near 80 in 21 CET , and near 30-40 – 22 CET …

    So if Fruits doesnt want to wait that long, you should agree on a finnish serv and start playing at 21-22cet – all should be fine then.

  10. The Pledge said:

    There’s no way we are able to play with good pings on a Finnish server. We have at least 3 guys in our roster who would have over 80, might even 100 ping. We’d prefer to play on our .NL server, since all Russian teams we played on that one had pings close to or a little higher than our pings.

    I think the match should be played rather late then. And I think it will still be the big game I hoped it would be, since we are 6 points behind at the moment. Nor will talk to you about the date, time and server soon, I think. Until then, gl with everything.

    The Pledge

  11. BloW: element // said:

    one month ago , when our prov feels good we usually have 50-65 on nl , no matter which time , so, of cause, we can play on nl , when our prov will be ok .

  12. Norek: rda said:

    By the way, we are not going to play on saturday, kkthxbai

  13. Norek: rda said:

    connect; password fruitpunch

    cu on

  14. The Pledge said:

    gg :) tight match

  15. Pron said:

    gg guys 8)

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