Season 4

Division 3c

Week 5

Date Scheduled:
Results submitted:
by ThePledge (Team Fruit)



4 - 3

[Screenshots: A ]



6 - 0

[Screenshots: A ]

European Team Fruit vs Latvia ppb
6 - 0

SteamID Screenshots: A B


Team Fruit (5) Nor, ThePledge, Amonsilas, DrSAuna, zar
ppb (6) Albolynx, wolfinj, heartbrk, refuze, Line, snikka
Unregistered (1) destructo <3 Pineapp


  1. Norek: rda said:

    21:10 CET
    connect; password matchtf

  2. The Pledge said:

    gl lads :)

  3. DrSAuna: Paracoccidioido said:

    gg, last turbine cap was on overtime

  4. The Pledge said:

    gg :))

    I heard The Pledge killed Albolynx once!

  5. The Pledge said:

    Second demo is a first person demo as well btw, I forgot to change it when uploading ;x

  6. Albolynx said:

    My ability to cook fruit salad improved greatly during turbine, by the way. Mangos and pineapples are great ingredients.

    And turbine overtime CAN LICK MY ICE CREAM!

  7. The Pledge said:

    Everybody loves mango’s tbh ;))

  8. refuze: ppb:H: said:

    GG ;]

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