Season 4

Division 2b

Week 8

Date Scheduled:
Results submitted:
by dronos (Team Empire)

Default Win

Germany | oldschool vs Russia Team Empire
6 - 0

SteamID Screenshots: A



  1. BluEskY: TFP| - said:

    10:05:42: let’s plan on 15.03.09. 20:00 cet
    10:09:51: okay

  2. BluEskY: TFP| - said:

    rescheduled to 19.03.09 20:00 cet

    [18:28] okay vicii said next thursday 20:00 cet would be okay for you guys
    [18:28] yeah, is that ok for you?
    [18:28] jep sounds good

  3. LukeStarkiller said:

    gg, epic turbine =)

  4. op said:


  5. dronos: EE / said:

    Bluesky (11:42:35 20/03/2009)
    hey dronos, could you upload screens of our match yesterday ? i really forgot to make them

    289343073 (11:43:46 20/03/2009)
    all screenies i did yesterday are BLACK
    fucking Valve with update…
    i’ll make new from my pov demo, np

    289343073 (11:44:11 20/03/2009)
    but i’m at work atm, i’ll do it in the evening

    Bluesky (11:44:28 20/03/2009)
    okay, i was wondering it was the same here, all automated screens (tga) were all black

    Bluesky (11:44:33 20/03/2009)
    yeah sure

    Bluesky (11:44:35 20/03/2009)

    289343073 (11:45:41 20/03/2009)


  6. op said:

    can someone cofirm these results already?

  7. op said:

    We took the status screenshots aswell but they turned out black because of this update, any chance we can have our wanring removed because we did try after all :P

  8. frooker said:

    indeed that picture was a nice try ^^

  9. op said:


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