Season 4

Division 2b

Week 4

Date Scheduled:
Results submitted:
by Albert (Nervous.tf2)

Default Win

European Nervous.tf2 vs Russia Team Empire
6 - 0

SteamID Screenshots: A


Nervous.tf2 (1) Abomination
Team Empire (4) vicii, longas, whitebrozer, dronos


  1. pukz said:

    FYI Admins, I have asked dT for a date 4 days running now and no reply.. we have a tight schedule atm with etf2l cup, etf2l league and ED league, can you please advise me what i should do after 5 days of trying to arrange a date??


  2. pukz said:

    I have suggested thursday 12th at 21.15CET and we are looking booked up until the following monday now..

  3. dronos: EE / said:

    Who did u ask?
    “I have asked dT for a date 4 days running now “, i’m CL and i got nothing from u.
    Any more “new” info?

    let’s play wednsday @ 20 cet

  4. pukz said:

    cant do wednesday dronos as i told deek 4 days running

  5. pukz said:

    deek also tried to get u to speak to me 3 days running and u ignored..

  6. pukz said:

    Dronos we can wait until the week after if you like!!!

    [15:37] if he’s online: talk to him, agree on a date. i don’t care if it’s the coming week, or 2 weeks later. just try

    I suggest tuesday 21.15cet, I understand u are russian but we need to play our officials after 21cet which is not unreasonable in a EU league :)

    let me know via steam or irc #nervous.tf2

  7. dronos: EE / said:

    we can play on thursday but let’s plan on 20 cet

  8. dronos: EE / said:

    i have logs! YAHOOOO!

    19:13 – dT . dronos: how did u try to contact me? u sent invite only yesterdaym stop bs pls
    19:13 – dT . dronos: what another day except thuts u can play?
    19:32 – ŋervous? pukz: none
    19:32 – ŋervous? pukz: read website
    19:32 – ŋervous? pukz: u can reply there
    19:32 – ŋervous? pukz: thx
    ŋervous? pukz is now Away.

    that’s all… very very nice
    as i said – we can on thursday, but @ 20 cet

  9. pukz said:

    I suggest tuesday 21.15cet, I understand u are russian but we need to play our officials after 21cet which is not unreasonable in a EU league :)

    ^^ Like i said earliest we can do is 21cet so let me know what day is suitable for you at that time if you cant do thursday


  10. dronos: EE / said:

    19th 20 cet?

  11. dronos: EE / said:

    what i see in calendar:
    2782 nervous? vs danger Nervous.tf2 vs [dT]: Season 4 – Week 4 (Division 2b) 12-02-2009 21:15 pukz

    2.2 Every League Match has to be scheduled and entered to the Calendar

    Every team is supposed to contact their opponents’ team leaders to schedule their league match. After a match is scheduled, one team leader will have to enter it at our League Calendar [Link].

    as CL of dT i didn’t agree to play tonight, so why did u shedule it alone?

  12. pukz said:

    I didnt schedule this date lol, I changed the time from 21.00 to 21.15cet now.. i dont know if it was either an admin or someone from your team but I DID not schedule this game i just changed the time..

    I am now gonna ask an admin to step in cos this is gettin really stupid, lieing and cheating didnt get you the win last time and it wont this time Dronos :(.

  13. Fragga: FRAGGA`s - RIP said:

    Я говорил с Диком и Майей раньше. Я понимаю, то сейчас у вас творится, Дронос. Когда пукз появится онлайн, я напишу ему и постараюсь договорится о времени игры :)

  14. pukz said:

    On a lighter note I tried to translate what Fragga just said….

    I spoke to Dick and It is [mayey] earlier. I understand, then now in you is created, [Dronos]. When [pukz] appears on-line, I will write to it and will try it will agree about the time of the game


    I presume it means that Fragga spoke to deek about this game, I will find out when i get home :)

  15. op said:

    We are having a few member issues in our team atm. Can we play this game next Thursday the 19th? I will speak to a admin to see if this is possible. But please bare with us, alot is happening with us at the moment. Thanks

  16. pukz said:

    cant do next thursday sorry, this is the default date set by the admin.

    c u at 21.15cet

    gl hf.

  17. Wlv: RaWr :: said:

    Chris, it is a default date yes, but have a heart, they just lost both of their scouts, both teams grow up and agree a resched date. Thanks.

  18. Kop: [CiC] - CiC said:

    I agree, Its hard to recover instantly when 1 scout leaves let alone 2, Please act like grown ups if your going to play a grown ups game, Just reshedule and have a good match.

  19. op said:

    I suggest next Wed, i don’t want this to be another default win. Is that date ok for you guys? Same time?

  20. Wlv: RaWr :: said:

    I guess where we’re coming from, is if this happened to nVs, you’d do anything to get the game moved, as the scouts leaving is an un-forseen consequence, its not like dT are taking the p*ss and just saying they can’t play.

  21. Fragga: FRAGGA`s - RIP said:

    I’m not the clan leader of Nervous, but we’ve already taken one default win this season and I’m sure Pukz does not want another (he did not want to take the original default, you can blame me for that). It would be sensible to give DT the whole of next week to arrange this game, but like I said to the admin, lets set a deadline for Sunday the 22nd so this does not drag on and on.

    От пукза пасет как от говна! :)

  22. pukz said:

    deeK: we would prefer it later on in the week rather than start if pos
    nervous? pukz: thur would be good
    deeK: yeah mate
    nervous? pukz: 21.15cet
    deeK: lets do thurs
    deeK: kool
    deeK: lets do that
    nervous? pukz: excellent
    deeK: cheers for being paitent
    nervous? pukz: np
    deeK: fucking emo scouts
    nervous? pukz: i’ll add on etf2l now
    deeK: :>
    nervous? pukz: :)
    deeK: kool

  23. pukz said:

    Cant do thursday 19th now as ive found out UKESA is fixed dates and times and it starts on that day.. will re arrange

  24. pukz said:

    what days can you do week after around tue/wed 24th/25th febuary? need 21cet.

  25. op said:

    erm, 24th or 25th is fine for us.

  26. pukz said:

    ok 24th 21cet

  27. gLongas said:


  28. op said:

    gg, just wasn’t our day. Played awful, no team play what so ever. Wp

  29. Albert said:

    gg :)

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