Season 33


Week 1

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Schedule deadline: | Result deadline:

Date Scheduled:
Results submitted:
by Amaterasu (wer das liest ist klever)



1 - 3

[Screenshots: A ]



0 - 5

[Screenshots: A ]

Germany wer das liest ist klever vs Panama SICK LAUGHTER
0 - 6

SteamID Screenshots: A B


wer das liest ist klever (6) DCS, firej, Lokko, Lowenzahn, Amaterasu, scrambled
SICK LAUGHTER (6) ducky, Hannes, shock, fontar, cj, zherii
Unrostered (1) grix




  1. Default Date said:

    A default date has been set for this match by ETF2L.
    The default date is: Thursday, 06 June 2019, 21:00
    Please play this match on the appointed time and submit the results.
    If the default date does not suit you, please contact your opponent and ask them to reschedule.

  2. cj: ..d1ck - EDO said:

    hello everyone, this marks the return of the (best) ..d1ck clan

  3. Amaterasu: (Senior Anti-Cheat Admin) - ist klever - TBC said:

    ZOZOMAN2442 %:

    Amaterasu ist klever:

  4. scrambled: (ETF2L Donator) - ist klever - -Xe- said:

    Good games, guys! Am I wrong to assume your name and tag is based on the Madvillain track: Accordion? It’s one of my favourite songs!

    Anyway, logs:


  5. ducky: ..d1ck - EDO said:

    waa waa

  6. shock: ..d1ck said:

  7. shock: ..d1ck said:

  8. ETF2L Staff said:

    Dear teams “wer das liest ist klever” and “SICK LAUGHTER”,

    Please upload the demos of Lowenzahn, Amaterasu, shock and cj within 72 hours or face a penalty in accordance with the General ETF2L Rules.
    You have to use the ETF2L demo upload system for archives under 100 MB, third party hoster links will be ignored.
    Minor warnings for missing demos can be removed later after talking to an admin, as long as the minor warnings of your team did not stack up to a major warning yet.

    2.4 Every player has to record Demos

    Demos can be requested by an admin or any player of the opposing team.
    Admins may request demos up to the end of the competition the match was played in (until the wrap up post is published). They can request as many demos as they require.
    The opposing team can request demos up to 48 hours after the match was scheduled to start. They can request demos from up to 2 players, who will then have to provide their demos for all played maps.
    A player whose demos have been requested has 72 hours to upload the demo, starting from the time the request was made. All requested demos up to 100 MB have to be uploaded to ETF2L. Links to third party hosters will be ignored.
    Failure to supply a requested demo will be punished.

    2.4.1 Penalties for not providing requested demos

    Failure to supply a requested demo will result in penalties for both the player and their team. If a player fails to supply their demos multiple times while playing for the same team the team will be given a more severe punishment.

    Player penalties.
    – First time: No ban.
    – Second time: Player is banned for two weeks from all ETF2L competitions.
    – Third time: Player is banned for two months from all ETF2L competitions.
    – Fourth time or more: Player is banned for one year from all ETF2L competitions.

    Team penalties.
    – First time: Minor warning that can be removed if the demo is uploaded.
    – Second time or more: Major warning that can be removed if the demo is uploaded.

    Penalties are applied if a requested demo is not provided within 72 hours.

  9. cj: ..d1ck - EDO said:

    i will not be uploading my demo thanks

  10. ETF2L Staff said:

    Dear teams,

    It has come to our attention that players from team “SICK LAUGHTER” were seen repeatedly spamming the in-game chat during this match in a negative manner.

    2.5 Abusive chat, nicknames and avatars are not welcome

    Try not to use the chat function during a match unless it is in a positive manner. Any offensive chat as well as spamming binds may lead to a warning for your team. Chat abuse and racist or offensive names/steam avatars will not be tolerated and may be punished with warnings or bans.

    Due to this we will be giving team “SICK LAUGHTER” a minor warning for flaming per in-game chat abuse. For future cases the repercussions will be more severe.

  11. ducky: ..d1ck - EDO said:

    flaming?? LOOOOL can i request to get this revoke or at least change the warning to “Enemy team can’t take joke”

  12. Hannes: HOIL said:

    Yeah for real, how come something of this scale could ever be considered something to get a warning for. This is outrageous and i’m very upset over this, we were just having some friendly banter and you decide to give us a minor warning for “Flaming”. Just because they have shit banter doesn’t mean we should get a penalty for that.

  13. ducky: ..d1ck - EDO said:

    Completely agree with everything Hannes said. Havng a laugh is now considered flaming.. Where did having fun in games go.. Oh well, I guess some people take getting rolled in TF2 to heart, and taking someone saying “gr” and “?” to heart aswell. Sensitive gamer alert!

  14. ETF2L Staff said:

    “wer das liest ist klever” has been given a minor warning for being unable to provide demos of Amaterasu.

    “SICK LAUGHTER” have been given two minor warnings for being unable to provide demos of cj and shock. The demos submitted from shock do not suffice as complete demo recordings of both maps. Team “SICK LAUGHTER” also receives a major warning for reaching their third minor warning. This major warning cannot be removed.

    If you provide these demos at a later date, please contact the Admin staff on IRC or Discord in order to remove your warning(s).

  15. ducky: ..d1ck - EDO said:

    waa waaa

  16. HerpTim: CBT said:

    I’m in awe of this admin abuse

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