Season 32


Week 2

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Default Win

UnitedKingdom Experience vs European Indeed REMNANT
6 - 0


  1. Default Date said:

    A default date has been set for this match by ETF2L.
    The default date is: Thursday, 07 February 2019, 20:00
    Please play this match on the appointed time and submit the results.
    If the default date does not suit you, please contact your opponent and ask them to reschedule.

  2. Offside said:

    “I’m not going to move the date from thursday. I will allow mercs but again i’m not moving the day, It’s not my problem that you didn’t select the days you would prefer to play on.”

  3. konr: idd. said:

    It is “your problem” that you were a massive asshole about the whole thing though. As previously stated to you, we didn’t immediately know that we wouldn’t be available from Wednesday onwards and we found it out just as this match was automatically scheduled.

    4 players (if you include me) won’t be here on Thursday specifically as well, but you refuse to change and have been extremely rude about it. “Why would I merc me out, I’m the maincaller”, while acknowledging that we’d have to add random people to our roster and merc another 2 to play. Sure, technically that isn’t your problem, but you think you’d be less of a prick when scheduling.

  4. Offside said:

    It’s inconsiderate of me to not move the day but you shouldn’t expect people to accommodate you. It’s not my problem your team signed up for a league when you know it could be any day, The issue here is your team and them commitment issues to a league that could require again ” Any ” Day from monday,tuesday,wednesday,thursday,friday and sunday.

  5. Offside said:

    Anyway, How do you have the audacity to call me rude when you started cussing me down when things didn’t go your way then blocked me while you was still having a tantrum.

    I quote the last thing you said to me and rest my case :

    konrYesterday at 17:13
    Could say the same to you, you’re just lucky enough to have the default fit your schedule
    You’re a cunt, I can see why you’ve had this experience before
    Go fuck yourself

    Offside__Yesterday at 17:14
    Alright my dude

    If you’re going to signup to a league at least learn how to commit to things, It gets you very far in life.

  6. konr: idd. said:

    You were condescending the entire time, the log would show that very clearly but it doesn’t matter. We could have done any day before Thursday, while you WOULDN’T do any other day than Thursday. You still scrim every night and could clearly do it, but you refused entirely because it’s “not your problem”, knowing our situation wasn’t something we could control. Was Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday not enough days to choose from for you? What can’t you understand about people having schedules that shift and sometimes not knowing what days they work or don’t until the start of said week?

    If you had said you literally can’t do another day and you meant it, (rather than be a massive dick about it and suggest that we’re all kids living with mummy and daddy if we don’t have a schedule that perfectly fits the same every week) I would not have any issue with you. After all, if you’re unable and we’re unable, that’s just unlucky. It’s very convenient that you would share the last part of what I said to you as if the context is irrelevant and perhaps it may have been your tone and attitude in the first place that deserved that response..?

    All in all, we’re trying to have fun. I have never once had a team leader act like you in the many years of playing this game on and off and as surprising as that is, we don’t intend to bend over backwards to play against you with something that doesn’t even resemble our team. Take your condescending attitude and shove it, we don’t need your life advice.

  7. Offside said:

    I’m sorry but it really is not our problem, I am not being an asshole, I am not breaking any rules. If anything your team is the one who is the issue here. If you knew beforehand most of your team would have unexpected schedules you should not have made the commitment to play and then expect others to mould to what you need. It is not my fault that you were not prepared with subs/mercs knowing that scheduling issues may occur within your team. I like my structure and that is what I have made with my team so we may play as efficiently as we can in officials as that is what works best within the team. We chose days we have all agreed on and have all sacrificed to suit the scheduled we have agreed on. Even if an emergency comes up, which is unavoidable, we still have mercs and subs prepared for those situations.

    I’m sorry we are not bending over backwards to meet your demands for something that is your issue.

  8. konr: idd. said:

    Are you not reading what was said intentionally? The problem isn’t that you can’t play, it’s that you refuse to when you clearly could play another day, you were condescending and stubborn from the get go and didn’t give a single shit what I had to say. I suggested we couldn’t, you effectively dug your heels in and repeated yourself and continued to be as rude as you were when you started.

    I’m not about to sit here and explain the inner workings of mine and my teammates’ lives, but the point is not that you can’t play, or that (technically you aren’t) breaking any rules. Just because you aren’t breaking any rules, it doesn’t mean that you aren’t being a dick about it.

    One thing you should probably know also is that when I (and indeed anyone on this team) last properly played and had to schedule anything, the swiss system wasn’t implemented and so there was no option to set which days you’re available in the team admin panel. We didn’t set it because we didn’t know, but we also expect people to not be assholes about these things as back in the day they used to. It truly was very rarely a problem, and if it was no one was a dick to the other person about how they’re not going to change anything but they’ll allow them to entirely restructure their team with mercs and backups as if that’s such an enormous olive branch.

    Please, understand, we are not going to play on Thursday. It’s just not happening. We want to enjoy playing this game, and it wouldn’t even be our team that plays vs you on that day. If you want to actually play the game fair and square, by all means, ask the admins to force it to next week if that’s at all possible. Otherwise, enjoy your pointless default win points. You’ve earned them by having a predictable schedule, congratulations.

  9. Offside said:

    You said you’re not bending over backwards for me? Why do you expect people to move their schedules for the likes of you like your some all mighty messiah? You are literally the most entitled human being i have ever met. It is not my fault you and your team committed too a league and expect everyone to play around your schedule.

    Again i make this clear my schedule is there because it allows maximum efficiency for the days my team can play which means we get good practise in before officials. We can do anything from 10 maps to 20 maps in the space of 5 days why would I drop my team’s practising time for the likes of some entitled team who think everyone will work around there schedule? Unfortunately your commitment issues are your teams doing not mine. So the fact that you think you can bitch about something that is completely your teams fault is on them and this better supports my argument to how entitled you really are. You try to make it our like your the victim here and i’m the asshole but everything here has nothing to do with me it’s all on your team.

  10. Offside said:

    TimTumToday at 15:31
    well yeah you don’t have to change it if it’s the default date
    they just have to submit their availability correctly

  11. Offside said:

    Point (1) The issue here is with your team and their organisation and commitment issues.
    Point (2) stop whining and think logically, refer to point(1)

  12. TimTum: (ETF2L Donator) - LvG - ᵍaₑtᵃ said:

    well I’m not taking sides here, it’s just a bit unfortunate that one team forgot how the swiss system works and the other team has a busy schedule of whatever. anyway, there’s a link on the home page how to set your availability:

  13. sintyre: idd. - SDCS! said:

    We are not allowed to play with more than 3 new players since provisional tiers. We cant have 4 mercs/subs playing.
    If you don’t change the day, your practice days wilm be pointless. We’re not able to gather 6 players, what is it that you don’t understand?
    It’s good sportsmanship. You take off 1 scrim night and do an official instead. IT’S STILL PRACTICE?
    I really don’t think any leader uses this “logic” that you don’t want to move an official because you want to scrim instead WHEN the enemy team genuinely can’t show up!
    If you really scrim that often and if you can play another night than default, and see how big of a problem it is for the enemy team to come up with a lineup? And don’t want to because “scrim days”? that is VERY bad sportsmanship dude.
    Like really fucking selfish.

    You are playing all these nights anyway………
    I don’t think my team feels entlitled to anything. Through leagues and leagues and leagues people have contacted enemy leader to reschedule default dates. Your logic is really shocking and disappointing. I truly hope all the enemy leaders through the next weeks will deny all your mercs and refuse to negotiate with you and give you a really toughass time through the whole season. Because it’s not their problem right?

  14. Offside said:

    So “Sintyre” please explain what my logic’s are? I’d love to hear this story and please explain my schedule or shall i do that for you? Monday, I get home at 18cet. Tuesday i get home at 19:40cet. Wednesday i also get home at 19:40cet. Thursday i’m free. I don’t have to time eat before games a lot of the time on Wednesday and Tuesday. Why should i bust my ass for a team that has commitment issues? I mean because it’s not my problem right???????

    I’m not selfish I just say no too entitled people who think the world will bend over anytime for them because it’s what they want.

  15. Offside said:

    Point (1) The issue here is with your team and their organisation and commitment issues.
    Point (2) stop whining and think logically, refer to point.(1)

  16. Offside said:

    Please don’t be inconsiderate that we like to have a schedule and practice, where is your sportsmanship?

    p.s If you’re going to default can you sort it out so we may arrange scrims for practice on Thursday, many thanks :)

  17. Doughy: #BBS said:

    Surely idd they should wait until the latest possible time to give a default just in case their schedules end up aligning. That would be the most logical thing for their team. Whether or not it would be shitty sportsmanship, it’s what is correct for them.

  18. sasami: ERCAPITANO - VR said:

    Nice match page :]

  19. konr: idd. said:

    It’s as simple as this: We didn’t know until the day the system auto-scheduled which days we’d be around. You however did know, so you lucked out. When you contacted me I told you that we can’t play Thursday and gave you some days we could do, to which you responded very rudely just like you’ve continued to.

    If we could play, we would. If we could have known we wouldn’t be able to play after Wednesday, we would have scheduled it. You’re obviously within your rights (according to the rules) to do this and I’m sure you have super important commitments just like we do. The difference is that if the tables were turned I would have budged for you so that we could play the game and actually both enjoy it to some extent, while you acted well.. like yourself.

    You keep saying that it’s our problem and sure, it sucks that we didn’t know this one specific week which days we’d be around but what I’m trying to get you to understand is that it’s the WAY you denied it. You didn’t say oh sorry man we really can’t move it and empathise with the fact that not everyone can know their schedule 24/7, you instead suggested we were all children living with our parents and kept repeating that you were not ok with moving your schedule. It is about how you spoke and your complete lack of sportsmanship.

    You aren’t required to “bend over backwards”, but sometimes bending a little bit is just the right thing to do. Or if you are entirely unable to play on any other day (which is not the case) you could say so while treating me like a human being rather than a mug. Do you think I called you a cunt and blocked you on Discord because I was mad you COULDN’T play, or because I was mad you were being a massive cunt? Food for thought.

  20. konr: idd. said:

    Anyway this has gone on long enough as it is, you can tell the admins to look here and see you can have the default win. We can’t play, after all :)

  21. Offside said:

    connect; password 397809

  22. Tamir: SPACE said:

    hey guys i sign up to a league to not play games that’s what leagues are for

  23. Sivik: doge said:

    Classic Offside

  24. konr: idd. said:

    gg enjoy your points!!!

  25. fishyard: ︻芫═一☺ - Lucrosa said:

    “I’m not breaking any rules, therefore I am not being an asshole”

  26. Mossik: STALIN - big cum said:

    I’d rather stay humane than get stupid 6 points
    That’s gonna be tough life for you Offside

  27. domiq: Do Drzky - COGU said:

    Sivik: MIGHT said:
    Thu 7 Feb 2019, 23:03

    Classic Offside

    I grew as a person btw


  28. Prawn: LLL said:

    not the place boys

  29. S+: EvolveMe said:


  30. Rockz: JEBAT - CHIMP said:

    just offside casually being massive bellend retard mong
    there should be fucking anti-retard entry tests to prevent these inbreds from joining in

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