Season 3

Division 2b

Week 2

Date Scheduled:
Results submitted:
by Slick (Epsilon eSports)



3 - 3

[Screenshots: N\A ]



3 - 2

[Screenshots: N\A ]

European Epsilon eSports vs European Totalitarian Brigade
4 - 1


  1. ArkhoN said:

    Sorry again to the Totally Totalitarian players for letting them wait quite a long time for the match to start. One of our players had serious problems with his tf2 with textures being borked all over and we had to fix it.

    But TT showed very good sportmanship in not forcing the default they would have deserved at that point.

    Thanks for an awesome, close game, that could have easily gone either way. Looking forward in playing you guys again.

  2. Descius: 21 said:

    No status screen? Would like to see one from first map please.

  3. Descius: 21 said:

    but yea, gg , next time dont make people wait please.

  4. dunc: infs - dp. said:

    QQ Descius ffs he apolpogised :D

  5. dunc: infs - dp. said:

    Omg admin someone quick edit that spelling of apologised /hides in shame

  6. Slick: Epsilon said:

    not that it was fixed for piece … he crashed over and over …:(

  7. Descius: 21 said:

    meh, an apology means nothing to me when at the same time other members are flaming us for wanting to default at half past…

  8. Slick: Epsilon said:

    well then… we dont apologize? :o sigh
    Sad tbh, because im not so sure we would be having this conversation if we had lost? Then you would have gone ok np apologies accepted… dunno just seems awkward to debate afterwards….
    We thank you for waiting and accepting…thats it.

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