Highlander Season 16 Preseason Cup

Open F

Round 1

Round commencing: -

Result deadline:

Date Scheduled:
Results submitted:
by ETF2L Staff

This match does not count as one of the teams dropped from this competition.

Default Win

Cyprus bik is ti vs Finland Labra
0 - 3


  1. Default Date said:

    A default date has been set for this match by ETF2L.
    The default date is: Sunday, 08 July 2018, 19:00
    Please play this match on the appointed time and submit the results.
    If the default date does not suit you, please contact your opponent and ask them to reschedule.

  2. Treaty: /// - 1500 said:

    connect wilhelm.fakkelbrigade.eu:27125; password juustojuusto

  3. Treaty: /// - 1500 said:

    enemies came to server too late

  4. eLs: /// - 1500 said:

    19:15 no players on server def win for us

  5. puistokemisti: /// - 1500 said:

    Why are enemies toxic towards us ? We gave you a chance to join the server early.

  6. Straus: Snus said:

    “We won’t accept merc we need a def win” ffs guys it’s just a preseason cup lmao more like a scrim :D this is sad

  7. Jonez: Snus said:

    actually we both had 7 players on the server, 2 of your bois arent even verified

  8. puistokemisti: /// - 1500 said:

    but you didnt ready up :)

  9. Jonez: Snus said:

    Also I dont really think we were really toxic toward you guys, mostly you were going on about defaulting us right off the bat and then trashtalking hl, not too much more. I for one only asked you guys if you didnt want to play

  10. Straus: Snus said:

    Just contact the admins and tell them to get you a def win…. and stop crying because someone called you a moron in an online game

  11. Habina: HK - 1500 said:


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